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How Many Weight Watchers Points Am I Allowed?

Guest post by Victoria Z.

The extremely successful Weight Watchers program uses the fundamental “calories in, calories out” weight management strategy in its own smart way. The Weight Watchers’ point system, which gives points to items based on their calorie and nutritional composition, simplifies calories. Also, the free online Weight Watcher’s point calculator also lets you know how you could keep your diet balanced according to your Weight Watcher’s chart. This is indeed a big plus in the field of nutrition and fitness.

So let’s move on and discuss more Weight Watchers’ points in the article below!

How Can I Figure Out How Many Weight Watchers Points I Started With?

Add 4 points to your Weight Watchers point total if you are between the ages of 17 and 26. If you are between the ages of 27 and 37, add three points; between the ages of 38 and 47, add two; between the ages of 48 and 57, add one; and above the age of 58, add zero. This is because as you age, your metabolism slows, affecting how many Weight Watchers points you receive. Furthermore, you can better estimate your starting and current Weight Watchers points compared with the free Weight Watchers points calculator.

How Do I Calculate The Number of SmartPoints I Receive Each Day?

  • Add 3 SmartPoints for every 100 calories.
  • Add 1 SmartPoint for every 4 grams of saturated fat.
  • Add 1 SmartPoint for every 8 grams of sugar.
  • Subtract 1 SmartPoint for every 10 grams of protein.

A better estimation could be got by subjecting to the online Weight Watchers points calculator by 


  • No daily points are carried over. For instance, if you fall short of your allotted points on Monday by 5, you are not permitted to make up those 5 points on Tuesday.
  • Lean meat, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables, which are part of your points, are nutritious, filling items that can help you lose weight in a healthy, long-lasting way.
  • Additionally, points are allocated to activities and subtracted from food points. A calorie deficit as a result will cause weight reduction.
  • Take in a lot of water.

How are Weight Watchers Smart Points Calculated?

Calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein are used in the calculation of SmartPoints either manually or by the free Weight Watchers points calculator. No food is forbidden, however, the plan gives lean proteins a lower point value and items with more sugar or saturated fat a greater point value.

Can I Have Any Leftover Weight Watchers Points?

There is no procedure for calculating these points, nor is there a standard number for each member. The 35 weekly points are available for usage by each person using the original system. By adhering to your daily and weekly point allowances, you can lose weight with the Weight Watchers points system. 

What Is The Smallest Number of Weight Watchers Points You Can Have?

On Blue, the smallest daily point cap is 23 SmartPoints. Fruits and non-starchy vegetables are already on the Blue plan’s list of zero-point foods, but the Blue plan also includes some starchy vegetables, such as maize and peas, skinless chicken and turkey breast, eggs, fish and shellfish, beans and legumes, nonfat plain yogurt, tofu, and tempeh. For better prediction of Weight Watchers points for any diet you intake on a daily basis, we recommend you use the free Weight Watchers points calculator. 

Wrapping It Up:

The emphasis of the Weight Watchers points system is on utilizing your daily allotment of points on nutritious, full foods rather than on sugar and fat. The food point list will reflect this. Weight Watchers calculates your daily food points in addition to 35 flexible points* every week, which encourages you to indulge in rare pleasures without jeopardizing your total weight reduction. Without being deprived, this is an effective approach to acquiring control.