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How to Make Risk-Free Monthly Profit Online Through Matched Betting

Guide to matched betting

Guest post by Kelly

How does an extra £500+ a month sound? Great, right? None of us would turn down an extra hundred a week, especially in London where prices are so inflated. Of course, if you are on this website, it’s likely that you have fallen on hard times. Maybe you’ve got a job, but the salary isn’t enough for the cost of living in London? Or, are you a student, looking for ways to make cash? Perhaps you were made redundant and are in between jobs?  No matter what applies, what we are about to teach you can help to make life a lot easier.

You will be able to make a guaranteed risk-free profit every month. All you need is access to a WiFi connection, and with London’s abundance of coffee shops and cafes, this shouldn’t be a problem. You can expect to make a few hundred every month, but a lot of people post greater profits of around £500 – some even reaching £1000 on a great month. You will need a little bit of money to get started, but you can go at your own pace, and once your balance starts to build up, so will your profit. So, let’s delve into the world of matched betting…

A few things you need to know…

  • Despite being called matched betting, there is NO gambling involved
  • This is risk-free
  • It’s completely legal
  • You do not need any knowledge of betting, or sports for that matter
  • Don’t feel intimidated; it can seem a lot to take in at first. But, we’re here to hold your hand – literally! With step-by-step instructions, video demonstrations, and access to support, you can’t go wrong

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a risk-free form of betting. It involves using the free bets and bonuses that bookmakers provide to make a profit. No matter the outcome of an event, money is made, ensuring no chance is involved. All bookmakers promote these offers, especially for new customers and then big sporting events, in order to entice customers to place bets with them. Thus, there is a lot of money to be made.

How to Make Risk-Free Monthly Profit Online Through Matched Betting


How does matched betting work?

Firstly, you need to know two important pieces of terminology – a back bet and a lay bet.

  • Back bet – This is when you bet FOR an outcome to happen. For example, “I bet that Germany will beat Spain.” This bet is placed via traditional bookmaker websites, for example, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, Bet365, and Paddy Power.
  • Lay bet – This is when you bet AGAINST an outcome happening. For example, “I bet that Germany will not beat Spain.” Not only does this cover the loss, but the draw too. You place these bets via betting exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets.

So, now you know the two types of bets that are involved, and, as you have probably gathered, all outcomes are covered. No matter what result the game ends in, one of the bets above will win.

A typical offer from a bookmaker could be something like: “bet £10, get £10 free”. Firstly, you need to place a £10 bet using your own money. This is known as a qualifying bet. You will, of course, match the bet by laying it on the exchange. So, all outcomes are covered, and you won’t make any money. But, you will have unlocked the £10 free bet. This is where the profit is going to be made.

Proof that it works

We know that this can be a lot to take in, and the best way to really understand how matched betting works is through an example. We’re going to start off with the Coral welcome offer, which we believe is the perfect offer to get started with. You will want to start off with the smaller offers; after all, it’s unlikely you’ve got a lot of cash to play with at present, and we don’t want you to have too much money tied up.

Here is Coral’s welcome offer:

How to Make Risk-Free Monthly Profit Online Through Matched Betting

Coral Welcome Fair

The great thing about an offer like this is that you don’t need a very big bankroll to get started – roughly £45. You can then use this money, plus your profit, to start taking advantage of other offers, and the ball will start rolling and gaining more and more momentum.

So, how do we take advantage of this offer?

1. Sign up with Coral and deposit £5

2. Sign up with a betting exchange, such as Smarkets, and deposit around £40. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll go with Betfair.

3. Place your qualifying bet. So, to do this, we need to find something that has close odds on Coral and Smarkets. We’ve found a match!

How to Make Risk-Free Monthly Profit Online Through Matched Betting

Qualifying bet

As you can see, we are going to place our bet on Copain De Classe, a horse in the 13.20 race at Chepstow.

So, place £5 on this at Coral…

You can see that everything matches up with the calculator above – the odds are the same and the return is the same. You need to double-check this before placing your bet. And, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to use this magic calculator!

Now, we need to match the bet on Betfair.

How to Make Risk-Free Monthly Profit Online Through Matched Betting

Match with Betfair

As you can see, our stake is £5.06. The liability, £4.20, is the amount that will come out of your account.

4. Wait for the above race to finish. When it does, you will be 20p down. So, if you add up both balances, you will have £44.80. But, if you head to your Coral account, you will have £20 worth of free bets (this is where the profit is to be made). It’s worth pointing out that Coral pays out their £20 in the form of 4 x £5 free bets.

5. Now, it’s time to make a profit. These free bets are Stake Not Returned (SNR). So, we need to select this from the calculator when looking for results. We’ve found a match…

How to Make Risk-Free Monthly Profit Online Through Matched Betting

Bet details

As you can see, this returns £4.18 profit. Now, you can use your other three free bets on different selections (which you’ll probably want to do to avoid using too much money at once), or you can use all of them on this horse. To make things simpler, let’s say we choose the latter. So, we make 4 x £4.18, which is £16.72. Subtract the 20p you lost on the qualifying bet, and you’ve made £16.52 – risk-free!

When you consider the sheer number of bookmakers available in the UK, and thus the amount of offers for you to take advantage of, you see the huge potential to make profit. Living in London suddenly becomes a lot easier.

Getting started with Yesbets

There is no denying that matched betting would be an absolute nightmare if you had to look for offers yourself, find close matches on the bookmakers and the exchanges, and do all of the calculations. This would take a lifetime, and you’d probably make a few costly mistakes. This is why it’s useful to use a site like Yesbets.

Yesbets is an online matched betting service. They display all of the offers, and show you the best qualifying bets to place, and the best way to use your free bets. All you need to do is follow our instructions, and with video tutorials, step-by-step written guides, and continual support, you will never go wrong.

Subscribing to Yesbets costs £14.99 per month. But, here is the great thing! They offer a FREE trial. You can make an account for free, and you’ll unlock our services for the Coral offer mentioned above. So, the £15.72 profit you made, you can use to pay for the subscription. We’re pretty confident that you will make more than enough money to cover the £14.99 fee every month. There are other matched betting services out there, but they are much more expensive, and they don’t offer the continual support and friendly Facebook community that comes with Yesbets. So, head to to begin your free trial today and give it a try.