How to Pack for Moving House: Your Complete Guide
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How to Pack for Moving House: Your Complete Guide

Guest post by Hannah

OK, breathe. Deep breaths. Relax. Packing to move house isn’t too stressful if you give yourself the time to pack and approach it in an organised manner. That’s where we come in with our excellent guide on how to pack for moving house. With great packing tips for moving house, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber and totally Zen.

Knowing Your Moving Date

Everything starts with your moving date. It is the focal point of your move, and the day we are preparing for. We advise that you start taking inventory of the possession that you own, at least one month before your move. Having a list is a great way to stay organised. It allows you to visualise the belongings you own. Also, keep all your newspapers, it’ll make sense later.

Of course, if you don’t yet have a moving date or even a moving company, you can’t start preparing! You should start searching for one. Click here for a great service that will put you in contact with movers to compare prices and start planning your move.


Now that you have your list of belongings and you know your moving date, it is time to decide what you’ll be taking with you. You can be methodical and take your time. There will be a lot of pieces that it will be hard to say goodbye to, but you might also discover some monstrosities that you’ve only kept because they were hidden in the corners of your house. And remember that you can always try to recycle your unwanted items. You don’t want to fill up your new home with things you don’t use or add extra volume to your move (it’ll cost you otherwise!).

Packing Boxes

How can you pack to for moving house if you don’t have boxes? Getting the right boxes and the right number of boxes will be easy since you know exactly what you’ll bring from your list of inventory (a smart tip for packing to move house, if we may say so). Also, you’ll need packing material, and those newspapers I mentioned earlier will come in handy, you can use them to pack! You can also consider purchasing Styrofoam and packing peanuts.

What to Pack and When

This part might seem obvious, but you should consider packing items that you use least first. This way, you can pack them well in advance. Spreading your packing over a week is better than doing all the packing in just two or three days. You can also wait before fully sealing the boxes just in case you need something immediately.

In those last few days, you can start boxing things as you no longer need them, until you are left with just the essentials.

It’s also worth bearing in mind furniture that will need disassembly. It’s worth doing, even if it means you sleep on a mattress on the floor. You don’t want to be in the middle of disassembling a bed when your mover arrives.

Final Tips on Packing to Move House

Remember to keep any essentials that you may need during the move on hand and label every box clearly. It can be chaotic if you don’t know where things are!

Otherwise, you should be steeped in the knowledge of how to pack to move house and remain calm. Remember to take everything in your stride and if something goes wrong, just breathe and talk with your movers.