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Online Flea Market

Our flea market is your very own online marketplace designed to enable it to be as easy as possible to sell your stuff online, and buy other people’s. To be able to even start selling things online, you need a platform where it is easy to contact and find those special people who have similar interests in the stuff you no longer need, as well as those who are selling the stuff you so desperately want.The page is separated into two categories, “Sell It” and “Buy It”. Through “Sell It” you can post the items that you need to get rid of and under “Buy It” you Facebook comment or reply on items that you’d like to buy. So, when you have something to sell you post like a regular Facebook post on this page. Obviously, BrokeinLondon isn’t able to complete your transactions, that’s up to you, but we’re here to help our Broke In London community have an awesome Flea Market!

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Selling Your Goods

Now, of course we can’t broke deals (despite what our company name might suggest), but instead we are here to enable you to make first contact. We can create a community where people are comfortable to come and list their goods on our online market, and then find lucky buyers from there. Think of us like being the bus or train that takes you to Covent Garden or Billingsgate Market. Once you’re there, the rest is up to you.

Findind Great New Stuff

Like many Sunday markets in London, our online flea market can help you find those hidden gems that you’ve been looking for for years. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, an item of clothing, electrical equipment or something a little more unique, anything can be posted in the comments section below. Have a good old browse and you might soon find something that takes your fancy. If you’re unlucky as of yet, keep an eye out regularly as you never know what’s gonna be added to the collection. That’s the beauty of out online flea market – as much like Portobello road market, anything and everything can be bought and sold, from the new, old and ancient! Get scrolling and see if you can find anything that draws your eye.