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Second-Hand Shopping in London

Being Vintage, Not Broke!

by Gemma Davey

Style is how you make it. You pick your clothes, you buy them, and you put out there the image that you want everyone to have of you. But here’s the problem most of us face, in a city like London it’s hard to find cheap clothes that not everyone has. We’re sure you’ve experienced this, because we have, walking down the street in my latest Primark, feeling really confident and cool, only to stumble across someone else sporting the exact same thing.  Then you’re not feeling as cool or individual, you’re just feeling part of the same corporate machine. Don’t get us wrong, the cheap find you can get at TK Maxx or Primark are great, but sometimes don’t you want to just stand out a little bit more?

Second-Hand Shopping in London

Cafe Vintage at Mountgrove Road London N5 2LT

The most fun way to do that is to start going to the vintage shops, although they can end up being a bit pricy. And being BrokeInLondon that does not work for us or our budgets. So, after scouring the Internet, we’ve found some great shops that can give you want at prices that you can afford. One of the best of its kind is East End Thrift Store, London’s only vintage fill a bag store where you can find some great bargains.

Moreover, Time Out did a great job a few years ago going to the local shops and reviewing their finds, providing their picks for the top twenty vintage shops in London. They found great deals including a vintage Dolce & Gabbana vest for £15 and a Gloria Vanderbilt silk bomber jacket for the same price. Some of their finds were upwards of £40, but as their reviews show if you have the time to pick through a few stores, you can get something great at a low price.

Yelp can also be a great tool when looking for a local second- hand / vintage clothing store. Make sure when doing your own search to narrow down the price range, as some stores will specialize in high end vintage fashion and you won’t be able to find much in them. Reading the Yelp reviews of the stores you are thinking about checking out is a great way to get a sense of what they have and to ensure that they are in your price range.

Another great blog to check out for vintage looks is Vintage Fashion London. Vintage Fashion London blogs on the latest vintage fashions that are in at the moment and how to “get that look”. They do use a lot of top name brands, but it’s there as your style guide to take with you while you’re picking through the shops for the greatest finds.

Vintage / second-hand fashion is fun, and sets you out from the crowd a bit more. Never discount the local second-hand clothing stores in your neighborhood either, don’t think that you need to go on a huge adventure to find that great piece, you never know what you can find even just around the corner. Below we’ve listed the best vintage shops in London and the best online shops for those who like to shop without having to leave your house.

Best Online London Vintage Shops

Vintage shops in central London

Second-Hand Shopping in London

The East End Thrift Store at Assembly Passage London, E1 4UT

Vintage shops in east London

Retail Jobs in London

Beyond retro vintage shop

Vintage shops in south London

Vintage shops in north London

Vintage shops in west London

  • Circa | 64 Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3LQ
  • Retro Woman | 20 Pembridge Road, London, W11 3HL
  • Victory Vintage | Whiteleys Shopping Centre, London, W2 4YN

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