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Top 25 Ways to Make Extra Money in London in 2023

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By Graeme

With the rapid changes in the economic landscape since 2020, it’s essential to explore fresh strategies for generating income in the dynamic city of London. Amid the ongoing shifts influenced by factors like post-pandemic adjustments and evolving post-Brexit scenarios, it’s wise to have a versatile approach to securing your financial stability.

London’s gig economy has evolved further, and the realm of online income streams has expanded significantly. Whether you’re looking to complement your existing income or explore full-fledged online ventures, this guide will steer you through the latest opportunities to thrive in London in 2023.

How to Make Extra Money in London: Start Making Money Online

There aren’t any shortcuts to the money you need for life in the city. It takes hard work and perseverance to make good things happen!

These opportunities will help you to know how to make money fast in London.

1. Create a Digital Course

With everyone stuck at home in 2020, we figured out that our skill set is what can keep us from staying broke. One of the best options for making long-term money in London is to create a digital course.

Becoming a Udemy instructor is fast, easy, and potentially profitable! You can also design materials to sell through a website you operate to take advantage of this opportunity.

Top 25 Ways to Make Extra Money in London in 2021


2. Start Freelance Gigs

Several websites allow you to sell service-based products as side gigs in London. The platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer are the best because you receive marketing and promotional assistance within each brand’s supportive community.

You can build websites, write blogs, test apps, provide marketing advice, or deliver logos.

3. Take Surveys Online

Although you must tread carefully when choosing this option to make money online fast, it can be a practical way to get cash in hand from home.

The best platforms to start using for paid online surveys are Toluna, Swagbucks and i-Say,

4. Sell Stock Footage and Photos

You don’t need to be a professional videographer or own a commercial video production company to earn cash online from your video footage and photos.

Websites like iStock and Fotolia allow you to make money from even casual photography efforts. If you capture the right scene for a blogger, website designer, or content producer, you can earn some fast cash in London!

Other top websites in this category that can help you find work in London from home include Pond5 and VideoBlocks.

5. Sell Your Crafts

If you make handcrafted items at home, selling those items can be a fast way to earn money. Two top websites to consider for this side gig are Etsy UK and Bonanza.

Top 25 Ways to Make Extra Money in London in 2021

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We’ve written a complete guide that you may want to review to help you get this money-making opportunity in London off of the ground.

6. Sell Items on Amazon

When you create handcrafted items or have access to a unique product, selling on Amazon can be an easy way to start making money online.

Everything can be sold on Amazon, but there are some that could be sold for money fast. Nowadays, personalised custom products show a growing market share than stock products do. If you are eyeing breaking into this industry, custom enamel pin badges could be a good choice. They are easy to make and serve well as personalised gifts or promotional products for companies, schools, or group events. You can visit that offers high-quality soft and hard enamel badges and enjoy a 30%-40% bulk discount.

Top 25 Ways to Make Extra Money in London in 2021

custom enamel pin badges

Be sure to review our complete guide to selling on Amazon to get started with this opportunity.

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are independent workers who complete administrative tasks for others. You can find part-time jobs in London that frequently use this methodology in several categories, including sales, marketing, accounting, social media, and business development.

One of the best ways to get started with this money-making opportunity is to offer services online. Platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and let you control the conversation so that you can get paid what your talents are worth.

8. Register for a Clinical Trial

When you register for a clinical trial, you’re helping researchers improved the living standards for millions of people.

You can register for your first ones at Trials4Us.

If you want to see what is available first, GPGP provides a complete resource for these opportunities. More information is also available through GSK, including how to become a paid research volunteer.

9. Become a House Sitter

What could be better than living in someone’s house while getting paid to look after it?

Our guide to house sitting in London can help you take advantage of this opportunity.

If you need a platform to help you get started, TrustedHousesitters™ is a straightforward process that lets you search for homes to sit with just a click. Here’s our review of TrustedHousesitters to see if this opportunity is right for you.

Top 25 Ways to Make Extra Money in London in 2021

Pic: Trustedhousesitters

10. Tutor Kids Online

With children learning virtually all over the world, now is the perfect time to consider becoming a tutor.

Our guide takes you through the process of what it takes to become a private tutor in London so that your skills can translate into money.

We also offer advice on how to raise your game as a tutor.

If you want to sign up for this opportunity, we highly recommend these platforms.

11. Become a Website or App Tester

If you have above-average technical knowledge, website and app producers want your feedback! Your testing work can deliver some fast cash in London when you find the right opportunity.

We recommend watching for website and app testing work on the following platforms.

12. Complete Microjobs in London

Microjobs are small, simple tasks that people need to complete. If you know how to change a light bulb, you can make money in London!

You can visit Amazon Mechanical Turk or Simply Tasks to explore this potential side gig.

13. Sell Your Unused Items

Instead of letting unused items create clutter, sell the stuff to make some fast money online.

When you sell on sites like eBay or Amazon, you get access to an entire world of potential customers from your London home!

This guide to selling on eBay and Amazon can help you have a potentially successful experience.

14. Trade in Old Electronics

Instead of letting your old smartphone sit in a drawer, turn it into fast cash! You can trade or sell any unused electronics, even if it hasn’t been used in several years, into a potential income source.

This guide shows you the best places to sell electronics to get the most money.

15. Make Deliveries for Companies in London

Several companies are hiring workers right now to provide freelance and independent services to customers. Each one has specific pros and cons to consider, so be sure to review each opportunity before applying carefully.

16. Become a Dog Walker or Sitter

No one has enjoyed the 2020 pandemic year more than our dogs. With people going back to work, they’ll need help walking or taking care of them.

Working as a dog walker or sitter is rewarding, profitable, and based on your schedule. You can find opportunities for this work on the following platforms.

17. Sell Unused Gift Cards

If you have unused gift cards from the holidays, those funds can get turned into money. You can sell them on sites like CardCash, Cardpool, or Gift Card Granny.

18. List Your Spare Room on Airbnb

When you have a spare room available, you have an easy way to make some extra cash in London. If you list your space on Airbnb, you can also get up to $61 off your first trip if you join through this link:

19. Rent Out Your Parking Space

Platforms like JustPark and Stashbee allow you to rent out your garage or parking space. If you’re not using it for any reason, why not turn it into an easy way to make money from home?

20. Join TaskRabbit

This side gig in London lets you perform odd tasks in return for direct payment. Some people are using this opportunity for full-time work!

You can also refer friends to TaskRabbit and get paid.

21. Coach Youth Sports

Companies often hire seasonal youth workers to serve as sports coaches. If you have a preferred game or sport that you know how to play well, this option could be a gateway into a fantastic weekend job in London – or more.

Please review the current listings on Indeed UK to see what is available near your home.

22. Work as a Writer (Freelance or Part-Time)

Good writers are tough to find. With content marketing efforts reaching 85% saturation for some international companies, you can work in London for an agency in New York without a problem.

Here are some work opportunities for writers in London to consider reviewing.

23. Start a Blog to Make Money as an Affiliate

The best way to make money online in London is as a self-employed blogger. When you become an affiliate, you can earn a living by recommending products to others.

Your blog can also run Google AdSense to earn cash from advertising opportunities.

If you can’t sign up for AdSense (restrictions sometimes apply), this guide to the best blog advertising alternatives can hopefully help you start making money fast.

24. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers go into businesses to report on the experience. This information helps supervisors, corporate executives, and others know if expectations are getting followed.

This guide will take you through the steps needed to become a mystery shopper in London.

25. Find a Part-Time Job

Numerous businesses are looking for part-time help right now. Although this option is the most obvious way to make money fast in London, it is sometimes the easiest method to use.

Our job-hunting section can help you locate the various boards and vacancies in London to fill. You’ll find everything from barista (coffee) positions to student jobs and delivery jobs.

If you need a graduate job, our guide to the most in-demand jobs in 2020 can serve as a starting point for the next year. We also take you through the top positions that students in London can find when they need work.

Are You Ready to Find the Best Way to Make Money Online?

If you know how to earn extra money in London, you can turn 2021 into your best year yet! Each opportunity explores different strengths and talents so that you can leverage your best skills into a regular income.

Although every job pays at different rates, side gigs and job vacancies are available every day. Please keep this guide as a reference so that you can pursue the next money-making opportunity that comes your way!

If you want to find more ways to make money online check out these top 15 ways.