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How to Gain Experience with an Internship Abroad

By Laura Murillo from

A fantastic option to broaden your knowledge and professional experience is to do an internship abroad. Working overseas can give you a variety of useful skills, that you can apply in different jobs; as well as give you a break from routine, and insight into how your dream job looks on a day-to-day basis.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Internship application process.

In some cases, the process to apply for an apprenticeship can be as challenging and competitive as it is applying for a long-term contract, of course, depending on the field you want to work in and the countries where you apply.

Through this article, we can offer you the following tips:

  • Regardless of the type of work; company; and duration of the contract, be as professional as you would be when applying for a permanent contract. Start by creating a good CV that showcases your qualities and talents.
  • The majority of internships have a set duration, but this is not always the case. Try to show flexibility when it comes to the duration of the contract, as this reflects the interest and willingness to learn.
  • Dress to impress! A good outfit is a great way to portray your professionalism and make a good first impression.

There are various templates available online, but a free CV maker is usually an excellent option because it has all the details recruiters are looking for.

Types of Internships.

There are two types of internships – unpaid and paid, and both can be found abroad:

  • Unpaid internships: They are usually offered by non-profit organizations, and you have a wide range to choose from. Some of the most common fields are social charities; night shelters and emergency houses; children and youth charities, and hospitals.
  • Paid internships: These are offered by for-profit companies. Paid internships are very common in the corporate sector. Depending on your studies or previous experience you can do your work training in banks, marketing companies, recruitment agencies, Law firms, etc.

There are many various industries where internships are available, including business, engineering, education, and hospitality.

How to Gain Experience with an Internship Abroad

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What does an internship program include?

The majority of businesses that accept interns have a lot of experience setting up everything needed to welcome their new hires and ease the transition process. Some of the programmes might include:

  • Airport pickup and drop off.
  • Assistance with visa applications.
  • Housing accommodations.
  • Social activities and cultural excursions.
  • Networking events.

All of this can be planned ahead of time, so it is a good idea to arrive at your destination, a week or two early. This will give you time to organize your belongings, get acclimated to your new place, and learn the way to work and how to use public transport. This is a great chance to experience the culture and lifestyle in your host country.

By going through an apprenticeship abroad program, you are likely to receive support from your employer as soon as you arrive at your destination, and throughout your entire stay.

These programs offer an amazing opportunity to learn and put into practice your knowledge. In many locations, they train their interns in diverse areas, providing them with the chance to acquire new skills. Furthermore, trainings are mainly focused on the area you would be working in.

You will have a mentor who can help you with any problems you encounter, at the workplace, and also give you orientation when it comes to accommodation, visas and works permits, etc.

Most internship providers, have staff on-site ready to guide and offer ongoing support throughout the duration of your placement. This will ensure that your work experience is everything you were expecting it to be. So do not hesitate to ask questions or to express your concerns, they are there to help you.

Pros and Cons of doing an internship abroad.


  • Many employers seek out candidates with international experience during the recruitment process, as this shows that the candidate can adapt to a new environment and overcome different challenges.
  • Despite the orientation, training and advisory you will receive in your internship placement, there are still many things that you will need to figure out by yourself. Which shows your ability to work independently.
  • In case you travel to a country where they speak a different language, during the time you are there you are very likely to learn the basics of a new language, and this will make your CV stand out from the rest.
  • You will meet a lot of new people and your professional network will grow considerably.


  • You could experience homesickness. Sometimes, culture shock can make us feel nostalgic and overwhelmed.
  • Living on your own might represent a big challenge if you have never done it before.
  • Even though you will probably work full-time, intern salaries are relatively low, so you will have to learn how to live on a budget, especially if your program abroad does not include accommodation. But look at the bright side, this will definitely teach you how to save and improve your financial management skills.


Living abroad might be a major step for you for a number of reasons; whether you are just finishing your education; wish to change the direction of your career, or simply want to acquire work experience in another country. This can be a daunting journey. However, we encourage you to live this experience which will help you develop your personality, and broaden your horizons to new perspectives, while also giving you valuable professional experience.