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Free Online Courses

There are a wide variety of free or very cheap online courses in the UK that are designed to enhance your skills, education and employability. A large number of them are free, and listed below are some of the best sites for free online English courses, free online learning courses, free online IT courses and many more.

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Learning English for free

From free University courses to free training and management courses in London, there is a wide array of qualifications available. This means that whatever you’re interested in, from practical job based skills to academic learning, there is something available to you. Starting on free English courses and language courses, those who don’t feel confident with the local lingo also have somewhere to start, absolutely free. Sites like Duolingo and Livemocha are great for this. These free online courses can then enable you to budget for the more expensive commodities throughout the capital, while learning valuable skills that will enhance your employability and therefore eventually make you money. All the free learning courses have something to offer, meaning you shouldn’t have to go too far to find something that you feel is suitable for you.

Enhancing your employability

More advanced courses include free online business courses, which offer valuable and essential knowledge regarding the business world. With courses taught by experts, you know that you’re learning is in capable, effective hands. Soon you’ll be ready to use all the skills learnt in practical, real life scenarios, or even apply to complete even more online courses to build your knowledge even further. So why say no to a free online education that costs you nothing, as well as allows you to learn at your own, steady pace. The nature of the free online courses means that they can be undertaken at any time, full time or part time. So if you are out earning in the day, you can still come back and learn English, business, or management skills when you get home. Manager Pitstop is great for this, and as all free online courses are made to be challenging but also completable, you’ll be up to date with everything you’re learning in no time, and soon using your knowledge in your day to day life to progress and develop in your required field. Check the websites below for the best free online courses around, spanning a wide range of different fields. The sites can differ from being dedicated to free online courses focused specifically on teaching English, to broader websites that teach more transferable skills relevant to the workplace. Coursera, Udemy and The Open Academy are perfect for this kind of career progression. Either way, there is always a free online course for someone. Soon enough you will feel that you are fully equipped with the right lingo, the right knowledge, the right skills and the right confidence to continue to find whatever work you desire. The right free online course is out there, ready and waiting for you to sign up and complete it.