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Easy to Get Jobs in London

Top 6 easy to get jobs in London

by Liila

Here we propose a top 6 easy to get jobs in London that can be done on a part-time but also if you’re lucky full-time basis. Some of them are particularly suited to a student lifestyle or to someone who already has mini-jobs and is searching for extra income to be able to pay the heating bills in the winter. Have a look at our suggestions and, as usual, let us know if you have anything nice to add!

By the way one of the first things you should do when looking for a job is to make yourself visible by uploading your CV in one of the top job boards such as Monster, CV-Library, Whatjobs? or Indeed to start receiving job alerts and get headhunted.

1# | Stewards/Ushers/Front of house Assistant Jobs

London is THE capital of musicals and one of the most artistic/cultural cities in the whole world. It has a massive concentration of theatres, cultural centres, galleries, cinemas and concert halls! Most of these places frequently recruit staff (at least twice a year, but it can be more) and offer temporary contracts. They generally look for people who can guarantee flexibility in the working hours, meaning who are available to work in the evenings or during specific times of the year (e.g. summer or general holidays). And who is more flexible than a student?! That’s why this job can be a great student job. I’ve personally worked as a front of house assistant, during my studies, and I can guarantee that it’s a very relaxing and nice way to spend your evenings without stressing too much. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be hired in a place like Southbank Centre or Barbican, you’ll see the best shows in town for free!!

What’s then a good strategy to get a job as an usher? You can write down a list of all the Theatres and Cinemas in London, prepare a cover letter and your CV and distribute them literally everywhere! Being a major city, the competition here is fierce and there is no place for laziness, so you need to be active or even better proactive! That’s why another good thing to do – maybe even better than the previous one – is to visit the websites of all the theatres and cultural centres. In most of cases, an online application is preferred and it can save you time and money.

Find usher jobs in London here.

2# | Delivery Jobs

Rider for Deliveroo ©deliveroo.co.uk

Become a Rider for Deliveroo

Ready to make money while working out? If you are looking for flexible work in London then you should consider becoming a Deliveroo rider. You need 3 things to work with Deliveroo: the right to work in the UK, an Android mobile phone (4s/4.3 and above) or an iPhone, and a bicycle or scooter. That’s all. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to work flexible hours. Deliveroo lets you choose your own hours, and work as little or as much as you want.

Read our blog post in case you want to know more.



3# | Catering Jobs

Easy to get jobs in London - Catering Jobs

Finding a catering job

Working in a Pizzeria/Restaurant will have its ups and downs, and may not be your dream job (especially for those with higher qualifications) but you must think of it as another stepping-stone on your career path. Always look at the bigger picture, you will be able to pay your bills/rent, have some extra cash, and you can still look for your dream job on the side whilst relieved from the pressure of money.  Compared to the above-mentioned jobs, catering can be done on a more permanent basis, including long working hours on a daily basis, which is good if you need a more consistent amount of money per month. The pay is variable, but if you manage to be hired in a Michelin-starred restaurant, plenty of tips for sure will help you to make the living!

So, if you fancy working in a bar, cafe, restaurant, or hotel have a look through catering related job boards such as Caterer.comand if you want to find more job boards offering Catering and Bar Jobs check our Catering job category. Finally, we have also written an article about ways to find a cafe job in London so have a look because it provides some really useful tips and advice.

Find catering jobs in London here.

4# | Unqualified Translators Jobs

Easy to get jobs in London - Translator Jobs

Translation jobs

Don’t underestimate your motherland! Being able to speak fluently in English definitely helps you in the difficult search for a job, but your mother tongue can make a difference. One possibility is indeed to find a job as a translator. There are translator jobs for those having reached a level of linguistic competence at least equivalent to a good Honours degree but there are also translator jobs for unqualified translators. You can find lots of translation jobs through Freelancer or Fiverr. You can also find several websites dedicated to Language Jobs through our Multilingual job section and various freelance job ads on workfromhomejobs.me or at Magma Translation.


Find translator jobs in London here.

5# | The Body Shop Consultant

Become your own boss with The Body Shop

The Body Shop Consultant

The Body Shop is currently looking for people to work from home and sell their products to friends, family, and parties. The best thing is that becoming a consultant at home for The Body Shop requires no previous experience in sales. As part of your training, you will be taught everything you need to know. Find out more about this opportunity through our blog post here.

Find sales jobs in London here.




6# | Extras Jobs

Easy to get jobs in London - Extra Jobs

Extra positions

No, it’s not a joke! Working occasionally as an extra in London can be a good and funny way to make some extra money! The paid is really good and you don’t even need to be fluent in English (unless you’re going for a big role next to Brad Pitt). This can also be a good way of network building in case you are an actor. If you’re interested check out the website of Universal Extras which generally works with big productions (the last year for example they recruited an incredible number of extras to play in Les Miserables). You can also have a look through 2020casting.comCasting Collective and Ray Knight Casting.

Find extras jobs in London here.

7# | Promoter/Flyer-ing Jobs

Easy to get jobs in London - Promoter/Flyer-ing

Leaflet jobs

Many clubs, bars, or restaurants always recruit staff to give away some flyers for special events. You can ask around in your area or have a look at JobisJobGumtree, or similar websites (see our Miscellaneous Job Section). This kind of position is generally advertised in the part-time section of the job-related websites. It’s an easy way to make some extra money, without compromising too much of your availability. Maybe avoid doing it during the winter times…under the sun everything is seen under a better perspective, also a very simple job!


Find flyering jobs in London here.

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