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Top 15 Ways to Make Extra Money in London

How to Make Money Easily

By Joshua Neil

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While the job market is just beginning to pick up, it’s still hard for many people to find the money needed to survive. While we’ve already covered a number of ways to make money easily, you can always do with a few more tips- so here are another fifteen easy ways to make extra money.

#1 | Rent Out Your Parking Space

You could be earning money on a monthly basis by renting out your own parking space or garage with Justpark and Stashbee. Depending on your area, you could net up to £200/month!

Top 50 easy ways to make money in 2016

JustPark – How it works

#2 | Get Paid to Answer Online Surveys

If you’ve got a bit of spare time a day, then completing online surveys from your computer or mobile is a super easy way of making a bit of extra money. You’ll find a lot of sites online but Toluna and Swagbucks are the best to start with.

While finding work at the moment can be very tough, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring every possibility- and with these tips for making money, it may just get easier.

#3 | Become a Deliveroo Rider

Deliveroo are currently looking to find new riders in London. If you want a flexible work and also to stay fit then this one is for you. To apply you need a work permit, an Android mobile phone or an iPhone (4s/4.3 and above) and a bicycle or scooter. You will receive high quality gear, such as reflective clothing, lights and phone holders and up to £16 per hour depending on location, plus tips and petrol! Find out how to apply here.

Become a Deliveroo driver in London

Become a Deliveroo driver

#4 | Refer a Friend

There are websites that allow you to sign up as a referee for products or services and get rewarded whenever you refer a friend. In most cases, if your friend registers with them, you both get a nice reward for doing so. Find below some examples:

  • Wise – For every 3 invited friends who make a transfer over £200 you get £50
  • giffgaff – earn cashback for every friend you refer
  • Airbnb – you get from £15 to £55 in Airbnb credits for every friend you refer, while your friend also gets a free £31 coupon (+ sign up through this link and get a £31 travel credit)
  • Ocado – you can receive up to 20 vouchers

#5 | Freelance Proofreading

For all you English students out there, there are a number of ways to make money while getting more skills and CV experience– one of the best of these being freelance proofreading. While competition can be fierce, once you start earning the money can be very good- from £10-£30 is the average. There are hundreds of sites looking for freelance proofreaders, so applying to a number of these- and keeping your prices low to start with- can be a good way to start out on the ladder. Be sure you sign up for free with Fiverr, set up your gig, and offer your work to our global audience.

#6 | Making Money From Arts and Crafts

Perhaps your talents are more creative than editing? For those that have a passion crafting home-made decorations and items, you can always turn that hobby into some extra money! If you want to make money from home-made items and services, sites like Etsy UK or Bonanza can (for a small commission fee) help you distribute and advertise your product.

Best 15 Ways to Make Money

Get creative! Pic source:

#7 | Sell Photos

Amateur photographer? Sites like iStock or Fotolia may be happy to take your snaps from you, sending you a small commission every time one of your photos sells. This can be a good way to rack up money without too much effort, and the photos don’t even need to be super professional, amazing shots- even your everyday pics can sell well, if they’re something a lot of people will want to use.

#8 | Be a Freelance Blogger

A lot of sites often need freelance bloggers to write for them. If you think you have the knack, or want to start setting up a portfolio of your writing in different places, it’s a good idea to check Fiverr, People per Hour or Gumtree regularly, or even just send an email to some sites with a lot of written content- you never know who might be looking. While the pay might not be great per article, it can be a good start to a career, with experience and something to show for it, on top of whatever money you make.

Best 15 Ways to Make Money

Get money and experience through blogging- pic source:

#9 | Become a Life Model

Don’t have any money-making artistic skills? That isn’t necessarily a problem- for those not too worried about getting nude, becoming a life model is extremely easy and fairly profitable. Any art society or club will be looking for live models at some time or another, so finding out which art societies are near you, ringing them up and letting them know you’re interested is a great start. Pay is generally around £10 an hour, with sessions lasting on average 3 hours.

#10 | Register for Clinical Trials

Signing up to take part in clinical trials has a bad reputation, but it’s not all taking pills until you grow an extra arm- most of it is perfectly safe, and doesn’t involve drugs or illnesses at all- it could be a study into sleep patterns, or simply behaviour tests. Depending on the study, you can make up to £4000, and you will always be informed of the risks involved before you can accept. It’s worth checking out Trials4Us, or GlaxoSmithKline‘s website to find tests near you.

Best 15 Ways to Make Money

Make money by furthering science- pic source:

#11 | Rent a Spare Room

Got a room going in your house? Rather than turn it into an extra store room or gym, why not make some money out of it? You can rent out a spare room on Airbnb, SpareRoom or Gumtree for free, earning up to $4250 tax-free income from whoever you choose to be your new roommate. Even if all you have is a spare desk, there might be someone willing to pay for it. You can also rent your room to people looking for a Monday to Friday room to rent. It will cost you £29.95 for a standard advert. Head to MondaytoFriday to find out more.

Best 15 Ways to Make Money

Got a room to spare? Pic source-

#12 | Be a Pedicab Driver

This one is similar to Deliveroo one but requires a bit of money, and takes up more time than most- but gives back exercise, environmental transport for your community, a chance to meet new people and as much money as you want to make. Training from Bugbugs with a National Cycling Certificate at the end of it- costs £50, with a £100 deposit while you’re registered with them. There’s also a £5 charge per day to work for them. you do however keep all the money you make- usually £5-£10 an hour. Not bad while you’re getting healthy and meeting people in your spare time!

Best 15 Ways to Make Money

Who knows, this could be you… Pic source:

#13 | Car Boot Sales

A great way to make money if you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around- most boot sales charge about £5 to set up, but once inside you can make hundreds, depending on what you’re selling. A good rule for finding items to sell is the six month rule– if you haven’t worn or used it in that time, get rid of it. Doing this whenever junk starts to pile up can mean a good regular paycheck, along with a tidy house!

#14 | Use Direct Debit

It saves companies a lot of money if customers pay via Direct Debit in administration and postage- and they like to pass these savings onto you! You can save hundreds from most companies by switching to Direct Debit, so check out your current bill suppliers, and see what they can offer you. Find out more about how to save money in your home here.

#15 | Get Paid to Buy Alcohol

For those 18-19 year olds out there who like a drink- not that there’s many, we’re sure- you could actually be paid to buy alcohol in your town. Registering with lets you get paid for heading down to the pub and buying a drink- all in the name of checking that they card you. All you need for this is a valid proof of ID and the right to work in the UK, and you’re all set. Just don’t drink too much on the job!

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