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Budget Travelling

Budget travelling can mean a host of different things. To some, it means booking a cheap flight and jetting off as far away as possible on low cost holidays, to others it means finding cheap train tickets and riding the rails to somewhere they’ve never been before. That’s the fun of cheap travel, you can find what method suits you before going off to explore the world around you. With the right know how, you’ll soon be able to lift all the restrictions you ever thought true about travel, and turn it into budget travel, meaning there’s nowhere you can’t go, and nothing you can’t see. Be sure to check out our Top 50 budget travel tips and the 5 great travel sites you need to use before jetting out of the country as well as the 10 unknown but awesome travel sites you need to know that will help you save money, find the right holiday and make the most of your travel time. Want more? Below you will find the best sites to help you save money when travelling.

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Cheap Holiday Deals

One of the best ways to find cheap travelling options is to find deals on holidays. Cheap all inclusive holidays are great for saving the pennies while getting to see some of the world. If you search correctly and find the right deals, you’ll end up with loads leftover in your budget for other fun stuff while you’re enjoying your holidays. If you can’t find all inclusive deals, then booking things separately can sometimes save you just as much. Cheap accommodation isn’t hard to find at all. In fact, with a few clicks you can now find the cheapest offers in almost any city in the world, provided you aren’t too fussy. Last minute hotel deals are better if you’re looking for budget costs but higher end value. Low cost air tickets are also important for keeping costs down if you’re wanting to explore abroad. What can sometimes end up being the most expensive part of a trip doesn’t have to be if you stay organised and book early. It’s all about staying prepared and thinking ahead! Jetting off abroad is one of the most exciting things you can do, so why not make it even more worthwhile by learning how to do it while saving yourself a little on the side. For example, if you like driving when you're on a holiday you can plan a road trip in beautiful Sicily. In any case, you should have a look at our article on how to travel around the world on the cheap and also don't forget to check out the 5 cheapest European destinations and the 5 Best cheap weekend gateways in the UK for all year round. Before jetting off to a European destination you should firstly apply for a European health insurance card which is a free card that gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during your temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries. Ok, it sounds fantastic but what about those who have a slightly tighter budget? Or, those who would simply rather explore what Britain has to offer? Well…

Domestic Travel

Of course, budget travel doesn’t always have to entail getting on a plain, or even crossing overseas. Many people find it just as exciting exploring the depths of Britain, which as a wide array of cheap places to travel. Holiday destinations aren’t always sun, sand and cocktails – with many people choosing camping or caravanning over flying out of the British isles. Cheap bus travelas well as using trains – can get you to almost anywhere in the UK for surprisingly low amounts. Again, it helps to be flexible with regards to when you can depart, as well as being organised and booking tickets early. Many companies also offer discount cards for various different groups which can also help you save loads in the long run. Travelling cheaply throughout the UK has versatile possibilities, from beaches to barns, cottages to caves, and cities to towns. Whatever your interest, Britain probably has a terrain to suit your holiday or exploring needs.