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How to Get Free Legal Advice in the UK

The Best Ways to Get a Professional Opinion

By Adam Stokes

Though it might not be anything like your favourite courtroom drama, unfortunately legal proceedings are often necessary in certain situations. From family law to divorce advice, a professional opinion is always the best way to go. Below are some of the best tips on how to get free legal advice in the UK.

#1 AdviceUK

AdviceUK gathers some of the best independent online advice providers in one place, allowing you to find the legal advice you’re looking for. Though the list isn’t extensive, it includes a variety of addresses, suitable for anything from money claims to free legal advice for women.

#2 LawWorks

LawWorks rounds up a list of all the relevant clinics for those looking for free legal advice. It features clinics in locations all over the UK and presents them by city, so you know your options straight away.  It also has a map function, so you can find the clinic quickly and easily.

How to Get Free Legal Advice


#3 Just Answer

Just Answer allows you to speak to expert solicitors online, getting professional answers quickly. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and can provide advice on Employment Law, Family law, Immigration Law and much more, meaning it’s likely that they’ll provide you with the answers you need – absolutely free.

#4 Civil Legal Advice

Civil Legal Advice provide free and confidential advice, but only if you qualify. The Legal Aid Checker can be used to work out if you’re eligible. If so, CLA can provide help with benefit appeals, special education needs, housing, discrimination issues, domestic violence and issues regarding children being taken into care.

#5 Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides answers on the best ways to get free legal advice as well as how to get help with legal costs if necessary. Information regarding costs, law centres, solicitors, insurance and other legal services is all available, so you know exactly where you stand regarding free advice, as well as how much costs may come to if you don’t qualify.

How to Get Free Legal Advice


Though it may seem like a difficult period, anything that can make it easier is always helpful. Free legal advice from a range of different sources can make all the difference if you’re unsure or confused about how to take the next steps to help solve your problem.

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