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Living in London on a Budget

Broke in London is a ‘survival guide’ website for new, old and soon to be Londoners who are looking into living in London on a budget. It aggregates websites and offers you all the information you need to deal with the high cost of living in London. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the websites and links to help in your search for affordable renting in London, finding a job and ways to make some extra money or save some cash, places to shop and eat in London and budget transportation or cheap travel when moving around, cheap things to do in London including cheap London attractions as well as any other money saving offers. Whether you are a local or international student, current or wannabe expatriate, employed in the city or just moving to London because you can, Broke in London gives you all the help you need to discover what this beautiful city has to offer to those who are looking to live in London on a budget.

From finding a place to stay and things to do in London for free …

Just moved in the city and feeling overwhelmed with the cost of living in London not even knowing where to start tracking places to eat in London let alone renting in London ha? You shall not fear! Having been in your shoes not that long ago, all of us, the Broke in London team, we know how it feels when first moving to London. It was the vision of the Broke in London’s ‘spiritual leader’ and student at the time, Manolis, to create a one stop solution for all of you-us, who are trying to sort out ourselves in London while making the most out of the things to do in London for free. Following sleepless nights, gazillion hours of research and based on our own experiences living in London on a budget we have put together a list of all the possible websites and resources you will need when looking for a job, room, cool free stuff and advice when first moving to London. mapping cheap places to eat in London and getting a job!

But mapping out all the budget renting in London, jobsearch and event resources is not all we do. Through our job board you will find the latest jobs in London. Through our social media updates, articles and newsletters we are sharing with you on a daily basis the outcomes of our daily labour of mapping all possible things to do in London for free, cool low budget major or localised events and any other life advice we have for you; We are using it ourselves so we may as well share it with the rest of you .. because although London is one of the most expensive cities, like ever… still there are cheap things to do in London. (who would have guest) and we know that it is possible to have a very cool life even if Broke in London.