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Property guardians in London

Camelot UK is the first ever Live-in Guardian company in the UK. The listed properties are available for Guardians to live in and look after them from £35 per week. So, if you fancy leaving in an old fire station, school or even a castle then you should definitely give it a try! Also, with the option to report empty properties, you might even be lucky enough to find your next property yourself. The only downside is the small choice of properties to choose from, and sometimes the lack of details in their information.

Site Pros

  • Testimonials with stories from Guardians, so you can get a feel for what it’s really like
  • Sign up to Email Alert to receive email notification the moment that a new property in your requirements becomes available
  • Easy to find, expansive contact details
  • Property prices are a third of the national average

Site Cons

  • Some properties are slightly lacking in details or images
  • There isn’t a huge choice of properties to choose from

Other Tips

  • Don’t forget to check out the How it works and Guardian Responsibilities pages to make sure you’re all clued up about the process
  • Check the Applying criteria (age 18 or older, clean criminal record, UK nationality or a valid residence permit, regular income, valid bank account) to make sure that you are suitable before joining
  • Always read the FAQ’s to before contacting them directly, to see if your queries can be answered there


Camelot UK was designed for those wanting something a little different for their new accommodation. The range of different sites on offer means that there’s something for everyone. With locations dotted all over the UK, and prices from as little as £35, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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