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Cheap Flights is a third party site finding the cheapest flights to any airport in the world. Beyond this, the site has a specific page just for finding cheap deals, to whichever airport you wish to travel, as well as providing ways to find hotels, car hire, and a host of tips organised into categories, all to help you better find the holiday of your dreams.

  • Search for cheap flights to anywhere in the world
  • Specific page for cheap flights, and wide range of search options for booking a holiday or flight
  • Ability to look for hotels in any country
  • Car hire in over 30,000 locations worldwide
  • Large amount of tips on a number of categories, showing special festivals and tourist spots around the world
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts

Site Pros

  • Can choose fixed or flexible travel dates, allowing for greater options when organising your holiday
  • Contains both a page of cheap flights, and a page for cheap holiday packages to anywhere in the world
  • No cancellation fees when booking car hire
  • Large amount of booking options for those who aren’t fussy about dates

Site Cons

  • No ability to arrange flights once searched- they’re simply listed by ‘popularity’
  • Prices of some flights do not include luggage– check thoroughly all costs before booking
  • As a third party company, all flights are subject to change- flights can be cancelled with only short notice

Other Tips

  • Shows ‘Top 5’ Destinations on most continents, and the cheapest flights to get there
  • Sign up to the newsletter to see great deals first
  • Book a flight and hotel together, and save even more


While it is always vital to check out the actual companies’ deals before buying, to check that there are no inconsistencies, and it’s best to be cautious when dealing with third party sites, seems to be one of the best, with many search options and thousands of locations to choose from.

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