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Free Stuff and Competitions

Free Stuff Search is a website that provides free stuff online in the U.K. through free company giveaways and hints about where to find free stuff online, as well as competitions to win free things from around the country. Simply register, look around and click on the items you want- fill in your details, and wait for the freebie to arrive!

  • Daily updated freebies
  • Competitions you can enter to win great free prizes
  • Dozens of freebie categories, to find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Register to receive updates via email

Site Pros

  • Site is fairly easy to use, with only registration required
  • Large amount of categories for those looking to narrow down their searches
  • Some of the competitions are giving away great stuff for free

Site Cons

  • Site can be slightly annoying- there’s no way to show all the freebies in any one section as a long list, but only as a couple of items per page
  • Many expired freebie deals and competitions left on the site, taking up space on the already limited pages

Other Tips

  • Freebies can be limited in stock, so click as soon as you see something you like!


While Free Stuff Search is good for its lack of scammers, reliability and decent search functions, its stock and range is limited compared to other freebie sites, and the inability to list them all together can be pretty annoying. While those completely addicted to finding more new freebies all the time might find the occasional great deal or competition here, for most looking for the occasional useful freebie they would do better to look elsewhere.

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