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Free Samples, Freebies and Vouchers is a nice site that provides a regular roundup of fresh freebies in the UK, including free product samples, vouchers, free online services, competitions as well as money saving advice. With an ever-growing directory of free stuff, the site functions on all devices and provides quality, accurate reviews of genuine free products on the Web. Be prepared to spend a lot of time here as there are hundreds of nice freebies and deals to check out.

  • Easy to use website
  • Nice straight forward layout
  • Good selection and variety of free items
  • Featured and the latest freebies are posted on the home page
  • Various free baby stuff, food and drink samples, makeup, competitions and magazines and books
  • Discount vouchers for restaurants and newly launched products
  • Free trials for popular online services
  • E-mail freebies alert alerting visitors to the latest samples, competitions and other offers
  • Facebook, Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • Site is updated on a daily basis with freebies from companies who have strict privacy and anti-spam practices in place
  • Detailed reviews of each listing, providing the pros and cons, plus any vital information that the visitor needs to be aware of
  • Fast-loading and functions on all devices, including smartphone and tablet
  • Numerous money saving articles covering how to save on shopping, dining out, getting fit, going on holiday and being a student

Site Cons

  • To obtain freebies, visitors may need to provide their contact details, including e-mail address and this can often result in promotional e-mail being received (however you can opt out of these marketing e-mails)
  • After requesting a sample, users can wait up to six weeks for delivery
  • Some offers are designated as free trials and therefore may only function for a limited amount of time (such as 30 days, depending on the offer)

Other Tips

  • It is worth visiting the site on a regular basis as some freebies tend to be available for only a short time
  • You can also follow on social media as new freebies are posted on Facebook and Twitter
  • You may want to set up a secondary e-mail account as some offers may require a newsletter opt-in, so it’s better to keep your work or primary e-mail address separate

Overview is a great UK freebie site with a nice variety of free stuff, free samples, vouchers, competitions and more. If you like to save money and love freebies then you will also love

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