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London Hair Academy


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Free Haircuts

London Hair Academy offers free men’s haircuts, wet shaves, discounted ladies cuts and colours, and paid modelling. The London Hair Academy is a hair training school in Shoreditch, which offers free haircuts and trims in order to provide their newest members and graduates with experience on actual people. While this may make some feel a little uncertain, it is all supervised thoroughly, and is, after all, completely free. In order to get free haircuts colours, discount treatments and paid modelling opportunities for hair, makeup and beauty, you will have to either call 0207 993 8101 or for male model’s text ‘male’ to 07956 160 805 or simply visit their website.

Site Pros

  • Free men’s haircuts, with just a text needed to put your name on their list
  • Wide range of accredited courses
  • Options for wet shaves and beard trims also available for free
  • Companies looking to hire Hair Academy members for events or private hire occasions can also get graduates and professionals totally for free as long as they can promote or provide exposure for the company, though travel and lunch costs must be provided

Site Cons

  • Haircuts are done by new members and trainees, though these are always overseen throughout the haircut, meaning that you’ll never walk away with something terrible
  • Having your hair cut by new students and trainees can take time as they try to get it right- so those in a rush should avoid

Other Tips

  • Models looking to have colouring done must have a patch test done 48 hours before their colouring.
  • Models will receive a text on the day before or the morning of their appointment- failing to reply to this may mean another model is chosen instead


For those too broke to get regular haircuts in London, but who don’t want to look TOO scruffy, it can never hurt to give the London Hair Academy a try- for a slightly longer period of time than a normal haircut, you can have your hair styled, coloured and trimmed however you’d like, all without paying a penny- for those broke in London, it can never hurt to get something that convenient completely for free.

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