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Travel Guide

Lonely Planet is one of the most trusted world travel guide websites around. With information and travel reviews on entertainment, restaurants, accommodation, sights, transport and more – its an up to date, non-biased look at everything you need to know before setting off on any travels. With more than 50 countries spanning the entire globe, you’ll find a travel guide for almost anywhere you want to go. The information provided is insightful, helpful and professional – covering what to eat, where to go and other helpful local tips. A variety of apps are also available, but only on iPhone.

  • Lonely Planet Shop sells travel guides, city guides, phrasebooks and more for a large selection of locations
  • Clean, professional website
  • Adventure Tours, Sightseeing ToursTravel Insurance, Airport Transfers, Car Rental, Hotels and Flights all available to purchase through third parties
  • Lonely Planet Blog for interesting, up to date information from real travelers
  • Wide range of filters available when searching for information so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily
  • Various different apps available for download
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Flickr accounts for wide online presence

Site Pros

  • Lonely Planet Guides available in both print and eBook format, depending on what type of copy you desire
  • Large selection of images available for each location so you can get a real feel for the location, its culture, and what to expect
  • Tips and Articles section dedicated to providing useful information on a variety of topics surrounding travelling

Site Cons

  • Adverts on the side of page can be a little distracting
  • Apps available are only for iPhone
  • Booking section all provided by third parties, and so may be found cheaper elsewhere

Other Tips

  • Thorn Tree Forum allows community to buy and sell items as well as find travel buddies if necessary
  • Check out the community FAQ section for answers to any queries you may have

Lonely Planet is perfect for those searching for helpful and informative information on a country or resort. Because the information is written by professionals rather than an online community, you know that the travel reviews are from reliable sources. With an easy to use website, and apps available for when you’re on the move – you can find out everything you need to know about your next holiday destination. From transfers to car rentals and everything in between, you can also buy everything you need for your holiday from one site. However, as they are channeled through third party companies, you might want to search around to see if there are better offers elsewhere first.