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Free Online Management Courses

Managers Pit Stop provides free online tutorials developed using the skills and knowledge of professional trainers, to help anyone develop their managerial skills. It gives dozens of tutorials to improve your skills, which include exercises, templates, tips & bulletins. There is also the ability to find managers who will help you improve your own skills, or give you advice on your business or company.

Site Pros

  • Completely free to use
  • Tutorials are all fairly short, averaging around 20 minutes, so you can work through them whenever you’re free, without any major commitments to the site
  • Search function allows you to find exactly the tip you want, when you want it
  • Helps with a huge range of managerial situations– interviews, coaching others, giving feedback, good leadership skills, as well as learning what makes a good manager as a whole
  • Large selection of experts and professionals who can help develop your skills and manage your business

Site Cons

  • Not a HUGE range of exercises and tutorials, which can run out fairly quickly
  • Site is ugly, and finding some of the features can be difficult
  • Limited ability to discuss what you’ve learned on the site, or interact with your peers

Other Tips

  • Optional review exercises, to help you test out your skills and knowledge base
  • Gives a list of business experts you can enlist to help grow your business or improve your management skills, searchable by expertise and county
  • Give services in reducing fatigue in your employees, which can be accessed by contacting them through their website


Managers Pit Stop is a good place for new or unsure managers to come to learn some invaluable skills in management and leadership. It does seem, however, that these are only so complex: for more in-depth analyses and tutorials, it may be best to look elsewhere, or pay for a professional course. Nevertheless, the Manager’s Pit Stop is a great website for those just starting out to learn all the necessary basics in management, all completely for free.

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