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Miscellaneous Products

MegaShopBot is a clever shopping comparison website that auto-searches the best Shopbots (shopping comparison websites that harness the internet to find the cheapest prices for goods online) for each type of product with just one click. MegaShopBot is easy to use and is ideal for those who like to track the cheapest online deals.

  • Easy to use website
  • MegashopBot compares prices from the bigest Shopbots such as 123PriceCheck, Foundem,, Google, BuyCentral, Kelkoo, BookFinder4u, MediaPricer, Twenga, DealPond, Find-Book, BookPrice24
  • Popular searches tab shows all the latest purchases
  • It covers various categories such as Books, CDs, MP3s, DVDs and Blu-Ray, Games, Perfumes, Electronics and more
  • Facebook and StumbleUpon pages for wider coverage

Site Pros

  • Ability to make large savings on everyday items and gifts
  • Quick, easy searches – saving you time and effort
  • Mobile website compatible with certain phones

Site Cons

  • There are no guarantees that the sites listed are safe to use
  • The sites layout looks a little amateur
  • Top results can often be advertised retailers and not necessarily the best priced results
  • Original RRP prices stated seem extremely high, meaning that quoted savings may be overestimated

Other Tips

  • Always be careful when clicking links to ensure that all the information provided is correct
  • Check out the Cut Costs Further tab to see all the best ways to make even more savings
  • Always search through the results a little first before choosing, as they aren’t always listed from best to worst


MegaShopBot is for those who know what they want but don’t have time to look for all the best prices. While it can be super handy to see all the price comparisons in front of you, just be aware that some aren’t always as they seem. So, do a little digging before you buy, and you could save heaps!

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