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Vouchers and Offers is a website which provides special offers, guides and tips for saving money. It offers discounts and vouchers for Fashion & Beauty products, Food & Drink, Electronic & Gadget, Traveling and more. Its main aim is to help the consumer by providing them with all the best ways possible to save a penny or two, so it’s worth a visit.

  • Easy to use website
  • Food & Shopping (Restaurant Deals, Supermarket Shopping, Cheap Wine deals, Supermarket Coupons)
  • Fashion & Beauty (Discount Vouchers, Cheap Beauty Deals, Bargains)
  • Traveling (Cheap UK Travel, Cheap Train & Coach Tickets, Cheap Flights, Hotel Sales, Days Out, Theme Parks)
  • Electronic & Gadgets (Cheap Mobiles, Cheap iPhones, Mobile Contract Haggling)
  • Information about deals in various services (Cheap Broadband, Basic Bank Accounts, Student Bank Accounts)
  • Facebook and Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • Heaps of useful information on how to save money as well as reclaim anything that’s rightfully yours
  • Information about shopping rights (Consumer RightHow to Complain and more..) can help you feel comfortable to confront any problems you may have
  • Sign up for the free Money Tips e-mail each week
  • Loads of help and information on interest rates, Travel money and more, allowing you to make your money go further
  • Site is updated daily, meaning all information is current and reliable

Site Cons

  • Site can sometimes look a little messy
  • Offers presented aren’t necessarily the cheapest, meaning you may have to search around a little more

Other Tips

  • Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter to ensure you don’t miss any updates
  • Check out the popular deals tab on the side to see what others are getting excited about
  • Don’t hesitate to use one of the many contact details provided if you have any queries


MoneySavingExpert is more than just a voucher site. It allows you to access all the best tips, tricks and savings so that you can not only save cash but sometimes even make some back. It’s an unbiased look on all the best ways to pinch those pennies, so get scrolling through!

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