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Career Services Career tools is one of the best career services out there including a variety of video tutorials, CV and cover letter templates and other helpful tools. You should definitely try this out.
  • Career Advice (including words to use on your CV, video tutorial on how to make your CV more effective, what do recruiters hate to see on a CV? and more)
  • 31 different CV templates for different jobs
  • Cover letter Tips  8 different Cover Letter examples (graduates, experience professionals, career change, etc)
  • Job Interview tips including virtual job interview
  • Career Snapshots providing information about various jobs and sectors (including duties, skills, qualifications, number of  job vacancies on
  • Video Tutorials (covering job hunting, CVs & Applications, Job Interviews, Salary & Benefits, In the Workplace)
  • Additional section with advice and tips about working in the public sector
  • Graduate section
  • Career Benchmarking
  • Salary & Benefits section (including salary calculator, employee benefit schemes, negotiation skills, pay & salary advice)
  • Forum

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