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Free Photography Courses

Phototuts+ is a learning platform for all aspects of photography. It provides great free photography tutorials for beginners and professionals on shooting, composition, equipment settings, post-processing, retouching and much more. The free photography tutorials are categorised by difficulty, equipment that you will need and completion time, and there are literally hundreds to choose from, covering the whole range of professional and amateur photography.

  • 100 helpful photography tutorials for beginners and professionals
  • Various articles and tutorials about composition, hardware, HDR, internet, lighting, photography fundamentals, post-processing and shooting
  • Lectures on various topics
  • Email alerts with updates and news
  • Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts

Site Pros

  • Huge range of tutorials from all around the web, all completely free
  • Tutorials cover everything from proper lighting techniques to the technical aspects of cameras to building useful parts for them
  • Easy-to-use site, with every article laid out in a column for easy browsing
  • Search by category or keyword
  • Lectures on many of the topics

Site Cons

  • There are so many articles that it may be difficult to find the one you want without some searching
  • Other, more in-depth articles do cost money to read

Other Tips

  • If you don’t see something you like, there is an option to suggest a course to the site


Phototuts+ is a fantastic place for anyone interested in photography to go to learn new skills, find interesting tips, articles and pieces of advice, and learn from professionals how to be better at photography as a whole. For anyone interested in photography- especially those new to it and looking to learn more about the professional side of things- this is an invaluable resource, which will provide a lot of information for anyone who’s willing to learn.

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