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Freelance – is a Q&A style tutoring site where tutors can make money online by answering students’ academic questions. What makes this site different from other tutoring sites is its unique bidding system and pay by the question format.  With thousands of questions being asked daily, there is plenty of room for new tutors in the marketplace!

  • Nice, easy to use website
  • Apply to be a Studypool tutor for free
  • Studypool covers a wide range of subjects such as Business and Finance, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Computer Science, Heath & Medical, Business, Political Science, History, Website Design, Law, and much more
  • Studypool charges 20% commission per question once a bid is accepted and 10% commission during peak hours
  • Tutors can grow their reputation through answering questions and gain a following
  • Post your class notes, homework, exams, quizzes, and assignments to a Notebank for students to buy
  • How It Works tutoring introduction and Guide to Effective Tutoring
  • You get a bonus $25 after your first 10 answers
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages


  • For the best chance of winning a bid, check the “needs bids” tab. This tab will have questions with the lowest amount of bids meaning your chance of being chosen are higher
  • Bid on as many questions as you can to raise your reputation in the Studypool community
  • Students will review your profile before working with you so make sure it’s presentable (upload your best profile pic and choose your best subjects)
  • Students leave reviews on your previous service so make sure your answers are good quality and void of plagiarism to improve your reviews
  • As you answer more questions your reputation will grow and this will lead you to become a suggested tutor and you can start charging more for your services
  • Mark your calendar for finals or midterm weeks. Questions will be on the rise, meaning that the commission rate that Studypool charges will drop
  • Don’t be afraid to venture out of your strongest subjects as you might just stumble upon questions that you know how to answer although it’s not your specialty
  • Make sure to greet student as soon as you get a bid, be courteous and mindful of the time allotted

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