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The Secret Sample Sale


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Sample Sales in London

Secret Sample Sale organises discount sales up to 16 times a year in Shoreditch and various other locations around London. You can get up to 90% discount from the retail price on various fashion designer clothes. You have to be a registered member to get details and an invitation to their private member trading days. Brands vary from sale to sale, but the discounts are always great!

  • Simple, easy to use site
  • List of Brands to choose from, (from the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Missoni, Gucci, Viviene, Westwood, Religion,  Louis Degama and more)
  • List of forthcoming sales so you can prepare your wallet for the savings ahead
  • Online sales section, for those who like shopping from the comfort of their own home

Site Pros

  • Register to get details and private invitations to forthcoming events
  • Quick, free and easy registration

Site Cons

  • Amateurish looking website
  • No immediate contact details available
  • Very small amount of available stock to browse, showing little of what to expect from the sales

Other Tips

  • Check out the FAQ’s for answers to any queries
  • Always check the upcoming events section and your inbox to ensure you don’t miss out!


Secret Sample Sales was designed for those with expensive taste without the wallet or purse to match. With SSS, you can dress in the clothes you’ve always wanted, while paying the price you’ve always wanted too. Just make sure you’re joined up and on their mailing list to take advantage of all the secret sales.

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