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Reviews of Hotels, Flights and Vacation rentals is the most widely used flight and hotel comparison and review website that is dedicated to providing the best prices as well as honest, helpful reviews on holiday destinations, hotels and restaurants. It is ideal for finding cheap hotels as well as luxurious ones, and filter options mean that it is easy to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. However, some of the reviews are outdated or even manipulated, meaning you must read with caution!

    • Professional, easy to use website
    • Can search for hotels, restaurants, flights, holiday rentals or destinations
    • Pictures and detailed information on numerous properties
    • Filter options include price, hotel class, style, hotel brand, location or amenities, allowing you to prioritise what’s important
    • Thousands of reviews available
    • Travellers’ choice lists give you an insight into the best islands, beaches, destinations, hotels, restaurants and more
    • App available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace
    • Facebook and Twitter pages

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Site Pros

  • Currency converter and Language translator for foreign visitors
  • Establishment rankings help give you overall opinion based on user reviews
  • ‘I Like’ tabs can be used as secondary filter to help you find what you really want
  • By providing your reviews you get discounts for future bookings

Site Cons

  • The nature of the reviews mean that some can be fraudulent or dishonest, ultimately not being very helpful!
  • Old reviews of refurbished establishments are not taken down, making it hard to know which opinions to trust

Other Tips

  • You must create an account in order to leave your own reviews
  • Always be honest and helpful if and when reviewing somewhere


TripAdvisor is predominantly used for its reviewing purposes. Though usually very helpful, you should proceed with caution, as you never know if an opinion is honest or not. As far as getting an idea on a hotel, restaurant or destination goes, however, pictures and reviews can help you to at least get a picture so you can start to make your mind up yourself.

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