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Free Online Courses

Udemy.com is a website designed to help millions learn real-world skills on any range of topics, from maths to web development to arts and crafts. Udemy’s Courses range from beginner tutorials to complex programmes, and while many are totally free, some can cost up to €300. The site also has a blog and useful tips, and for those so inclined, there is also the ability to use your skills to teach others.

Current Offers

Black Friday Blowout: Udemy offers over 17,000+ courses for only €13 (up to 95% off) from 11/18-19, but prices will increase by €1 every 48 hours until 11/27, so hurry and get today’s deal!

UDEMY Black Friday SALE


Site Pros

  • Easy-to-use and good-looking website, without clutter and with everything in the right place
  • Ability to teach on Udemy, earning on average $7000 a year, keeping 100% revenue when you sell a course yourself
  • Has expert tutors including best-selling writers, professors and experts in their field
  • ‘Free Courses’ section means no scrolling through hundreds of courses to find the right, free one for you
  • Can be used on Android devices or iPhones

Site Cons

  • For tutors, 60% of content must be video, difficult for those less savvy with technology
  • More complex/professional courses can cost up to £300

Other Tips

  • Courses in 53 Languages, if English isn’t your native tongue
  • Can provide feedback to any course, improving it and changing it for others
  • Courses are strictly 60 minutes+, so you’re getting your money’s worth


Udemy.com is a fantastic site for those looking for courses in any subject- finding free or cheap courses taught by expert tutors, that can be learned anywhere you have an internet connection, is too much to pass up for those looking for new skills, ideas, and interests. It’s a great site that everyone should try, to find something that could help them later in life.

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