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Food and Shopping

99p Stores is a supermarket chain designed for bargain shopping, offering a variety of different products for 99p. Its ideal for buying necessities like cleaning and kitchen products, stationery stuff like divider notebooks, pens & pencils, a selections of foods and much more.

  • Easy to navigate website
  • Offers a great variety of products from well-known brands such as Colgate, Heinz, Cif, Mr Muscle, Pepsi, Cadbury, Weight Watchers, Nestle, Fairy, Johnson’s Baby and much more
  • Offers a wide range of products covering categories such as Toys and games, Food and drink, Health, Beauty, Baby, Pets, Clothing accessories, Stationery, Sports, Travel and Camping, Winter Clothing and Accessories, Garden, Fitness and more
  • Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages

Site Pros

  • Sign up to the Newsletter to receive updates on all the best offers
  • Store finder allows you to find your nearest store
  • All items under a pound!

Site Cons

  • No contact details provided on the site
  • No search bar is present, so you simply have to scroll and search
  • Unable to purchase items online

Other Tips

  • Check out the 99p unlimited broadband offer for great savings!
  • Take a virtual tour of a store


The 99p Store is perfect for all your home essentials. With products from great brands for less than a pound each, you can’t go wrong! You’ll make a huge savings on all your bits and bobs, so don’t forget to pop in on your way home from work!

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