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Food Shopping in London

From the cereal you crunch in the morning to the crackers and cheese before bed, everyone needs to eat. With so many different choices, however, it can be hard trying to weigh up the most cost worthy place for you. Food shopping on a budget now comes with the challenge of deciding where, not how. Below is a list of some of the best sites you can use for getting the food in without emptying your wallet out.

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Online Food Shopping

To all those who always wondered what it would be like to one day browse the aisles from the comfort of their own home, online food shopping has allowed just that. With the simple use of a computer, you can now get your food within a few simple clicks. Also, with heaps of online offers, online grocery shopping makes it even cheaper that if you were to turn up yourself, so why bother? Sainsbury’s offer £15 off your first online shop when you spend £60 or more, so keep on the lookout for the best deals you can find. Other ways to find cheap food include having a game plan. Check out our Tips for Shopping at the Supermarket to get the lowdown on how to resist the more expensive produce, as well as our general Top Tips.

Shopping at your Local Market

As cheap as supermarkets can be, London markets are often even better for certain produce. Fruit and veg are much fresher if bought at a market, and can be found at much better prices, too. Our Tips for Shopping at Your Local Market will give you a heads up on how to make the most of trawling through the marketplace, so check out the Top 5 London Markets to know where’s best to get all your favourite local produce.