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Free Final Cut, Logic Pro and Aperture 9 Courses

Apple Pro Labs is a series of free four-part two-hour Apple classes at both Apple stores in Covent Garden and Regent Street for editing with Final Cut Pro X, music production with Logic Pro 9, and digital photography with Aperture 3. Aided by experts, these courses can help anyone who wants to learn about the specifics of Apple’s professional Final Cut, Logic Pro and Aperture products.

  • Digital photography training course with Aperture. The course is covering topics such as digital photography concepts, camera RAW workflow, image organisation, metadata, nondestructive image processing, output, integrated backup. \
  • Editing training course with Final Cut Pro. The course is covering topics such camera types and video formats, project setup, logging, capturing, and importing, project organisation, tools and basic editing, effects, output options.
  • Music production training course with Logic Pro 9. The course is covering topics such as hardware setup, fundamentals of digital audio, recording, editing, and comping audio, working with audio instruments, editing MIDI, effects inserts, mixing and automation.
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Site Pros

  • Eight hours of courses, giving in-depth explanation of each of the programs
  • Expert professionals giving courses, ensuring that the experience is not wasted
  • Completely free
  • Apple classes aren’t just for those already versed in the programs- many who go are total amateurs, some without even the professional equipment needed- so no entry barrier to come
  • Courses begin very simply, discussing how a camera works, etc.
  • Something to take away both for beginners and professionals- though classes are more geared towards new-comers to the programs

Site Cons

  • Experts with the programs may find little they don’t already know… though with no price tag, there aren’t many downsides to going…
  • Though prerequisites are small, customers do need to have some knowledge of iMovie or iPhoto beforehand.
  • Attendance can fluctuate, meaning that getting to know, or sharing what you’ve learned with, new colleagues can be difficult.

Other Tips

  • Apple store workshops limited to six people per month, and there is a waiting list- so best to apply a while before you want to attend…


From customer reviews and accounts from those who’ve been, it seems that there aren’t too many downsides to going along to an Apple Pro Lab, besides the waiting list- free, professional, well-planned out, and overseen by some of the best professionals the software has to offer, these courses are not to be missed for any professionals looking to.

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