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Top 13 UK Job Sites to Find a Job in London in 2021 

By Manolis

With a plethora of job portals available, listing exactly where to focus your attention to get the best results can be challenging. Different websites have different features and qualities – some focus on a particular sector, while others focus on getting you the best salary within your preferred industry.

You could go for websites where you can post jobs at no cost or opt for premium job posting sites to better promote your job advertisements. There are several premium UK job sites on the internet, and it can be overwhelming to pick one out of the rest. You may have heard of some of the best job boards in the UK, including CV-Library, Indeed, Monster, and CWJobs.

In case you need reviews for all the major job sites in the UK, you can check out  Broke In London’s Job Hunting Section. Broke in London is the top guide for employment and room searching, cheap shopping, and finding budget entertainment in London. If you haven’t already checked it out, we have featured the top job sites in the UK and divided them based on their sector. Additionally, we have narrowed down a comprehensive list of all the tips to help you with finding a job in London and ways to earn some extra money when you’re in the UK.

If you don’t have a specific industry in mind, the list of UK job sites is never-ending and you can easily lose focus. This post will help you analyse the top UK job search engines as several potential job seekers are looking for employment opportunities in London or across the UK. We have highlighted the top UK job search portals based on their popularity, functionalities, and unique features.

So, if you’re looking for paid internships in London, an entry-level job, a full-time or a part-time job, or remote working opportunities, the job sites mentioned in this blog post will help you with your job hunt. To help you find the best of both worlds, here are the top 13 job sites in the UK.

1. CV-Library
Top 12 UK Job Sites to Find a Job in London in 2021 

CV-Library is a job board for people who are very busy with their daily schedules. It uses a one-click functionality where applicants can easily apply for their favourite jobs within one click. Thus, it saves the applicant from all the hassles that come along with the job application.


CV-Library invites potential candidates to upload their CV, underlining their skills and sectors they wish to apply in, allowing them to apply with one click. Candidates will receive job alerts for positions applicable to their skills and sectors, ensuring that they don’t miss out on the most suitable jobs to their requirements. Not only does the site cater to employment opportunities but it also offers a course section where you can easily upgrade them through training in administration, HR, business, education, and other areas of the job sector. Moreover, it also offers career advice in the form of tips, how-to guides, and even CV templates.

CV-Library even has an ‘Employer of the Month’ section that pinpoints a specific career path and shows relevant positions within the industry.

2. Monster

Monster is a leading global job portal for exploring opportunities and finding the roles suitable for job seekers. It is best for people who look for jobs and advertise them through social media.


It provides a range of features including a free professional CV assessment, free CV and cover letter samples, how-to guides for CVs, a strong career advice section, a platform for companies to display job advertisements, and also a salary calculator. Monster allows recruiters to post their job adverts on Facebook and Instagram to attract more job seekers. Registering your preferences means that the jobs you’re looking for will appear within your Facebook and Instagram fees. Moreover, the website provides a wide range of career advice tools and resources. Besides, it has a mobile application that uses the Tinder-like ‘swipe right’ feature to allow job seekers to apply efficiently and seamlessly.

Monster has several international positions and is an ideal resource for foreign candidates looking for job opportunities in the UK.

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a leading online service for remote, part-time, freelance, and otherwise flexible job listings. It helps job seekers find professional, flexible jobs at all levels of their career, entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time, all over the world.


FlexJobs offers 50+ career categories, with no ads, scams, or too-good-to-be-true “business opportunities”. The site also offers a useful Career Advice Q&A Library where you can find all shorts of career related questions and answers. Finally FlexJobs offers useful paid services like: Resume review (a career coach will work with you to improve your existing resume and amend it so that it is as effective as it can be) and Career coaching (you’ll work together with a career coach who will answer your questions, offer you guidance, and help you with your job search).

Top 12 UK Job Sites to Find a Job in London in 2021 

4. Indeed

Top 12 UK Job Sites to Find a Job in London in 2021 

Indeed is the biggest and most popular global job portal in the UK, with ten jobs added to the site every second. It is best for candidates who prefer convenience in their job search as it is easy to use and has a straightforward layout. It provides information regarding salary expectations per job, company reviews, and company ratings which ensures that you pick out the best company for yourself.


Indeed has a comprehensive search feature that enables you to sort through the available jobs quickly. Moreover, it does not hesitate from giving career advice and has a dedicated a whole section to it.

You can filter the jobs by location and compare different salaries across positions for which you are eligible. Moreover, you can turn on the job alerts feature and rank jobs by your priorities. It is essentially a mega aggregator for jobs — so if you’re familiar with other job sites, it may be overwhelming for you to see new positions you haven’t seen elsewhere.

Employers can display their job advertisements for free if they meet its posting standards.

5. Adzuna

Top 12 UK Job Sites to Find a Job in London in 2021 

Adzuna is a UK-based global job platform with millions of visitors per month and is even free to try. The website’s algorithm aims to send jobs only to potential job seekers who are qualified for a particular position — a win for employers and job seekers.


Using a feature called ‘ValueMyCV,’ you can get a quick and free estimation of an employer’s potential salary, as well as recommendations for future career paths. Moreover, it also looks for CVs for any errors and formatting mistakes. The job portal offers potential job seekers to access data related to their job sector, providing the audience with a much more expansive feel for a company and the industry.

6. WikiJob

WikiJob is best for candidates looking for a wide range of opportunities, including work-from-home options.


WikiJob is the largest career advice portal in the UK and one of the most preferred websites for accessing information related to job applications, interview questions, and psychometric tests. The site even offers 19 free aptitude tests to practice on, to prepare yourselves for the most common psychometric tests used by the employment sector. The website has recently launched its new job search function that displays more than 250,000 jobs available to search, including remote opportunities.

Updated hourly, you will always have access to the latest and relevant employment opportunities. Some of the functions include industry search, job keywords, location, and salary.

7. TotalJobs

After partnering with Jobsite, TotalJobs can now broadcast its postings to more than six million jobseekers every month, with around 100,000 live job advertisements on the website at a time.


After partnering with Jobsite, TotalJobs can now broadcast its postings to more than six million jobseekers every month, with around 100,000 live job advertisements on the website at a time. The website provides important career advice in the form of informative articles on job search and interviews. Moreover, it allows looking for courses for career growth.

The ‘One-Click Apply’ feature of TotalJobs allows candidates to upload their CV and cover letter to the website and then apply for jobs with one click. It also offers several services to candidates, thereby helping them perfect their pitch and get their CV noticed.

8. Reed

Top 12 UK Job Sites to Find a Job in London in 2021 

Reed is a job portal visited by seven million people per month, and over 45 thousand job seekers register on its website every week. You’ll find employment opportunities across 42 industry specialisations from thousands of recruiters across the UK and beyond on this website. Jobseekers can search by location, company, and sector.


Reed allows recruiters to display their job advert towards registered candidates who are eligible for the position. Users can set up email alerts and upload their CVs to their respective profiles on the website. Not only that but It also provides you an average salary checker along with a course section that entails over 50,000 courses covering almost 1000 subjects.

The website also advertises training days and courses to help potential job seekers improve their skills set and employability.

9. Glassdoor

As in many other countries, Glassdoor is popular amongst recruiters and job seekers in the UK. It is a website for job seekers who want to know more about the organisations and startups they are applying to work for.


Apart from being an all-inclusive job portal, Glassdoor also provides candidates and employees with the opportunity to anonymously share their experiences, interview questions, and salaries of their employers with the audience. This gives job seekers a chance to get a real feel for the interview process, the job role and responsibilities, and the company’s work ethics and culture. Moreover, it also lets potential employees know whether the actual salary matches up with the advertised salary.

As a job platform, Glassdoor allows up to 10 posts to be posted for free on the website and has a wide array of jobs and internships available.

10. CWJobs

CWJobs is a job search website best for people looking to join the tech environment.


CWJobs is another job portal focused on tech jobs. The job board provides tools to help enhance your CV and progress your employability. Eligible candidates can go for job alerts and apply through their mobile application.

CWJobs also provides a range of technology jobs, particularly if you’re looking for part-time employment.

11. Guardian Jobs

Guardian Jobs is more than just a job portal — it’s a community for people looking for high-caliber jobs in particular sectors.


Job openings here are more specific to sectors than regular job portals. The Guardian Jobs provides top-notch listings in a much smaller ratio to other sites — listing the vacancies available and seeming less confusing as a result. Like the rest of the sites, it also offers job alerts whereas also enables you to upload your CV online so that the database may match you with the employers based on your skills and job requirements.

There’s a complete section dedicated to the various aspects of job-seeking, the number of questions and doubts you may have about searching for a new job is likely to be cleared.

If you’ve recently graduated, Guardian Jobs has a separate section for graduate schemes and entry-level positions.

12. WorkInStartups

WorkInStartups is one of the best job search websites in the UK for job seekers looking to join tech startups.


WorkInStartups thrives on prioritising and helping job seekers, giving them a chance to search, view, and apply for jobs within the UK startup environment. The job portal has an engaged and dynamic community of users on Twitter and Facebook, and recruiters can access these platforms for promoting their adverts by paying them.

If you’re a startup, you have the liberty to post jobs for free, but external recruiters and hiring agencies have to pay a fee. To help startups reach a broader audience, the website provides paid features such as social media promotion for promoting their job advertisements. You have to make sure that your job postings are attractive, definitive, and informative so you can persuade candidates to apply.

Moreover, users can go for a weekly newsletter that will underline the latest and trending jobs. In case you are new to a particular field and want to gain experience in a short time, the entry-level jobs in startups might be a great place to get started with your career.

13. Unicorn Hunt

Top 12 UK Job Sites to Find a Job in London in 2021 

Unicorn Hunt is a UK-based job portal focused on startup jobs.


The website can display and promote your job advertisements on social media platforms and both on their main and job-specific newsletter.

For startups and companies with a limited budget for recruitment and want to post a job in London, Unicorn Hunt provides a unique ‘Choose Your Own Discount’ feature that reduces your job ads’ price.


These are the top Free and Premium UK job search engines that can help you find the most suitable job. Did we miss any? Please let us know below your favourite job board. Good luck with your job hunting!