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Food and Shopping

Approved Food is an online supermarket where shoppers can save up to 70% off their weekly grocery shop. You can find groceries and household items for a lot less than the recommended retail prices because they might be short dated or their ‘best before’ date has passed. You can buy everything from washing up liquid to pasta, potatoes and even dog food.

  • Easy to navigate website
  • Offers everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to alcohol and cosmetics
  • Offers products nearing or past its ‘best before’ date at great value
  • Facebook and Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • Each year Approved Food saves more than 32 million items from landfill
  • Through Approved Food you can reduce your shopping bill by 70%
  • They do not sell chilled or frozen ‘use by’ products
  • They purchase items from trusted manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to ensure best quality for customers
  • The website explains common labelling terms such as ‘best before’, ‘use by’, ‘display until’, ‘sell by’ and ‘expiry’ so that you’re aware of what you’re buying and what it means to buy those products.
  • When you’re ready to check out, you find out how much you have saved on your goods

Site Cons

  • Sometimes the site does not respond due to massive traffic and when you add a product in your basket it directs you to Approved Food’s Facebook page
  • What is in stock one day could have sold out the next so you need to be fast and check out the same day. That said, you can’t create a list of your favourite items and re-order exactly the same things as you can do in normal online supermarkets.

Other Tips

  • Sign in before starting to reserve your items otherwise popular products will disappear from your basket if someone else buys them.
  • Don’t confuse ‘best before’ dates with ‘use by’ dates, it’s totally different. ‘Best before’ dates are based on quality, while ‘use by’ dates are about safety. Find out more about these two food labelling
  • Buy in bulk to cut the delivery charge
  • Use a cashback site such as Topcashback to save more
  • Follow Approved Food on Twitter and Facebook to find the latest offers, shipping discounts and flash deals
  • Register to receive emails with deeply-discounted daily offers


Approved Food is the biggest UK online seller of clearance food and drink. Through the website you can find highly discounted goods that might be approaching or past their ‘best before’ date, also known as short dated.