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Cheap Flights is a popular website offering travel related services such as air tickets, hotel bookings, car rental bookings and vacation packages. Planning a holiday is stressful, and it helps when someone else can take the hassle and cost out of the work you’re trying to do. For those looking for cheap flights, hotels or rental cars, third-party travel companies such as do exactly that. Listing all the lowest prices for flights anywhere in the world, Cheapoair claims to be ‘quality and reliability- delivered’. Search for where you want to go, find the right price, and book.

  • Simple search engine for Flights, Hotels, Cars and Vacations
  • Nice design and easy-to-use website
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Find cheap flights to any country in the world, all at the cheapest prices possible
  • Get hotel rooms cheaply, searching by city and date
  • Find a rental car with great detail- sorted by size, price and location
  • Huge range of searchable options, to help you make the most of your travel
  • Sign up to the Newsletter to receive secret deals of 40% to 65% off on airline tickets
  • Free Mobile App to find all these deals on the go
  • Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • The site is well-made, with easy-to-use and customisable search options. Everything is laid out simply and with common sense (Windows 7, pay attention).
  • They have a huge range of offers- in their own words, around 18 million cheap flight deals and 84,000 hotel rates.  
  • There is also 24/7 customer service.
  • If after booking you can find the identical circumstances- same destination, flight etc.- cheaper anywhere else, will either refund the difference and add £10, or give a full refund for your current offer.

Site Cons

  • don’t have real-time pricing information- they can only give deals based on the last time the prices were checked.
  • If their offer turns out to be on only a couple of plane seats, which get bought before your card payment goes through- or even worse, the price has changed without Cheapoair’s website updating- this can lead to last-minute changes or problems with the bookings that can mean extra fees for you.
  • The terms and conditions can be huge, and the customer service can be difficult to get hold of, and unwilling to give refunds when needed.

Other Tips

  • Use Promo Code CHEAPOAIR15 and get up to $15* off on All Domestic and International Travel Deals at
  • Use Promo Code OCTB15 and save up to $15% on all domestic flights at
  • Snag Roundtrip Flights under $150 and get up to $15 off
  • Use Promo code UK15 or FLIGHT15 when booking your vacation package with Cheapoair and get up to £15 off
  • Always check reviews before booking on a third-party site.
  • If you do book, expect complications or change, and be prepared for further fees that come with it.
  • Double-check quoted prices on the actual websites before booking.
  • Always check Today’s Flight Deals, Featured Offers and Our Best Price sections as they feature some bargain deals.


With a huge range of deals and discounts, Cheapoair is a great place to go if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for transport deals: though their deals aren’t in real-time, and can be subject to change at short notice, there’s enough to like about the site that it should be given a try at least once- just remember to double-check the prices you’re getting, to make sure they’re definitely available.

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