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Cheap Car Rentals 

DriveNow is like Boris bikes for cars, providing BMW and MINI cars to rent on a pay as you go basis. There are 4 areas where you can find Drive Now cars: Haringey, Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest. You will first have to register on the DriveNow website and then use the free mobile application to find a car close to you. You can book a car online up to 15 minutes prior your rental or rent any available DriveNow car you find locally. The best part is that after you have registered, you don’t need to wait for your DriveNow Customer Card to be sent to you. You can instantly use the customer ID that you will find in the confirmation email which you can use to open vehicles directly via the App.

  • Register to use for £9.98 (instead of £29) and get £20 free driving credit which is equivalent to 60 minutes!
  • More than 300 models from BMW and MINI
  • Return Anywhere
  • How it works section
  • Download the free apps for iPhone, iPad and Adroids
  • Pricing starts at 33 pence per minute


  • No annual or monthly costs and no overheads
  • DriveNow offers £20 free driving credit (equivalent to 60 free driving minutes)
  • Go Electric with the BMWi3 recently added to the fleet
  • You don’t have to pay for fuel costs, parking tickets, insurance and car tax
  • After you have registered, you don’t have to wait for your DriveNow Customer Card to be sent to you
  • You don’t have to wait for your DriveNow Customer Card to arrive to use the service
  • They provide a Customer Service team hotline on 01246 50 62 69

More Tips

  • If the tank is less than 1/4 and you fill it up at one of DriveNow’s partner petrol stations by using the prepaid petrol card that you will find inside the car you will automatically get 20 free driving minutes as a reward! Be aware that free minutes are valid for up to 3 months from the day you are awarded
  • If you recommend DriveNow to a friend you will be rewarded with free driving minutes (30 min for the first friend recommended, 45 minutes for the second and 60 minutes for every recommended friend after that)
  •  You don’t need to return the  car to the same parking space you found it. You can dump it in any available parking space you find where parking isn’t restricted in any of the above mentioned areas
  • You can reserve your DriveNow car for 15 minutes free of charge, up to two times in a row


If you were a big fan of Car2Go fear not cause DriveNow is here for good! DriveNow provides carsharing services in 13 cities:
Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf, Vienna, London, Milan, Brussels, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Helsinki. It provides an easy a convenient way to travel in the city. You just use the DriveNow App to locate and reserve a car nearby, you open it with your App and you are ready to go.

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