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Cheap Coach Tickets 

easyBus is easyJet’s 24 hour bus service offering cheap London airport transfers between London and Gatwick, Stansted and Luton airports. There are negative customer reviews on the web mentioning that buses don’t show up and that they charge more for the languages so do a bit of research before booking.

  • Search and book your tickets
  • Register to receive email alerts with promotions,travel deals, savings tips and news
  • Bus Routes to Stansted, Luton, and Gatwick
  • Luggage allowance – Up to one big luggage per passenger and one small luggage that must fit either on your lap or under the seat in front of you
  • 24 hour services depart from every 15 minutes
  • Central pick-up and drop-off points such as Baker Street, Victoria and Earl’s Court
  • Walk Up and Pay the Driver fares currently £10 (you can pay only in pounds)
  • How to book guide
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages

Site Pros

  • Can be used by all airline passengers, not just those using EasyJet
  • Booking early can save up to 90% versus an airport express train, with tickets from £2 a person
  • More environmentally friendly than taking a car from the airport
  • Cheaper than almost any other method of travel to or from the airport

Site Cons

  • Buses are often late, sometimes by over an hour
  • Customer service is poor, with unfriendly staff and difficulty getting in touch
  • Reimbursement for anything that goes wrong is difficult to get, and few customers actually receive compensation
  • Bus drivers can be rude and unhelpful
  • Some reports of too many tickets being sold for a certain bus, meaning that some people simply pay for buses they can’t get on

Other Tips

  • Check customer reviews about easyBus services through reviewcentre.com before booking
  • The earlier you book the more you could save with one way tickets starting from £2 online
  • You can also buy your bus tickets from the easyBus driver on the day or from the easyBus sales desks in airport arrivals


While easyBus is definitely one of the cheapest options out there for those looking to get to and from London airports, the numerous complaints against it seem to easily outweigh the price- with extremely late buses, rude staff and almost no chance of getting a reimbursement, easyBus is probably one to avoid unless you don’t have any other option. While you might be saving some pounds with easyBus, the ease, comfort and security of their competitors is worth far more in the long run.

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