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Cheap Car Rental

easyCar offers hundreds of cars for rental across the U.K, offering cheap car rental from various airports throughout the UK. There are several negative customer reviews about easyCar ‘s services on the internet, so do a bit of research before you book.

  • 6000 car hire locations in over 60 countries
  • Huge variety of cars from mini 3 door such as Citroen C1 to full size SUV such as VW Tiguan
  • Minimum rental age is 21 for mini and economic type of cars
  • Search for Cars and get a quote
  • Earn money by hiring out your own car through easyCar Club
  • Refundable excess deposit required
  • Excess Waiver Insurance required (£4.64 per day for mini cars)
  • Book online and pay on arrival
  • Free shuttle bus to car
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts

Site Pros

  • No hidden costs– fees such as tax and the Excess Waiver Insurance included in the price, up-front
  • Free unlimited mileage– so no extra costs when you return the car
  • If you can find another company selling a comparable product for a better price, easyCar will provide you an even better offer
  • Easy-to-use site, allowing you to be specific about your car choice and pick-up point

Site Cons

  • All cancelled bookings are non-refundable, unless you pay an extra £9.99
  • Only people 25+ can rent from easyCar
  • Expect large costs if anything needs to be changed about your booking
  • Customers have complained of having to wait several hours for their cars to be ready
  • Customer service is regarded as slow and inefficient
  • Customers complain of being charged for damage they didn’t incur– so make sure you have the time when dropping the car off to make them sign the car off as in good condition

Other Tips

  • You can pay £9.99 per rental and be free to cancel whenever you want and get a refund  (as long as it’s 48 hours before the pick up time and date)
  • Always read the small-print when booking, to make sure you’re not caught out by any surprises
  • There are different fuel policies: 1. Full-to-full which means that you get a full tank of fuel and you return it as you found it / 2. Full-to-empty, which means that you must purchase the first full tank of fuel from the supplier on arrival and return it empty / 3. Fuel is not included so you can add as much as you want from wherever you want on your own. Check the general Terms & Conditions to find out more
  • Changes to driver names are free of charge but  there is a charge of £20 every time you make a change to the times, dates, location or car type
  • The easyCar car club allows regular people to rent out their cars- get cheap deals on good cars, and save up to £20 off your first rental


While easyCar certainly offer a cheap and easy way to rent cars almost anywhere, with a wide variety of cars to choose from and seemingly good offers across the board, the sheer amount of bad reviews by customers suggests this might be one to stay away from- with bad customer service, frequent charges for damage that the renter didn’t incur, and long waits, it might be best to check out their competitors first.

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