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Daily Offers and Deals

The Evening Standard Offers is an online section of the Evening Standard, compiling a variety of different offers, deals and competitions for entertainment and living in London. The site lists all of the best information on how to earn vouchers, enter competitions, and make the most of your money when in the capital city. With offers in theatre, music, travel, film, sport, and many more, it’s perfect for those who are a little unsure of exactly what they want, and need a little variety to help push them along. However, don’t expect hundreds of listings from each category, as sometimes some are even empty!

  • Simple, user friendly website
  • Has a dedicated ‘Win’ section, listing all relevant competitions
  • Deals and discounts on day to day purchases as well as offers on entertainment
  • Wide range of categories, include ‘Win’, ‘Offers’, ‘Going Out’, ‘Theatre’, ‘Travel’, ‘Music’, ‘Sport’, ‘Film’, ‘Exhibitions’, ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Opera’, ‘Gardening’, ‘Health and Beauty’, ‘Home and Interiors’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘Money’
  • Entering competitions and claiming offers is easy, either done directly through the site or taken to the official external link
  • In-depth information on all offers listed, including external links and terms and conditions, so you know exactly what you’re in for
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages to reach audience on a larger scale and offer live updates

Site Pros

  • Can quickly and easily sign up to newsletter to receive latest offers and competitions to your inbox, every Thursday
  • Can easily share deals with friends via email or social networking

Site Cons

  • Some categories are often left empty, with no deals or tips available.
  • The offers are not limited to one category, with overlap often showing the same offers and deals in various categories
  • The majority of offers appear to be competitions, which leaves no guarantee of securing an offer
  • Site is sometimes slowed down by all the live stories and adverts running down the side of the page

Other Tips

  • Though using categories is easier if you know exactly what you’re looking for, filtering by ‘All’ is often easier as the deals are all presented on one page
  • Always be sure to check out the terms and conditions to make sure you are completely eligible for the offer
  • Always pay attention to deal in the header above the categories, (This one is usually the best one of the day) 


The Evening Standard Offers is always worth a check if you’re looking for the latest in offers, competitions and giveaways and you’re feeling lucky. Its wide range of categories provides you with chances to find deals from entertainment through to health and living. However, if you’re looking for standard set discounts that you can count on, go elsewhere, as the majority of the offers here require crossed fingers in order to succeed.

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