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Free Stuff

Freegle UK is the UK version of, a national grassroots organisation of people who are giving and receiving free unwanted items in their local communities. Simply go online, sign up, and beginning swapping items with those around you! Remember of course, that you’ll have to collect these items from the owners, as well as that in order to keep the website going you need to give and not just receive!

  • Simple search engine by location
  • Nice and easy-to-use layout
  • Variety of London groups (available through Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Ability to start a new group
  • Almost 2,000,000 members in 400+ groups across the UK- so there’ll be someone to take your items
  • Facebook, Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • Completely free to sign up
  • Good for the environment (has won several awards), good for independent sites, and good for your soul!
  • Is one of the easiest ways of removing clutter from your own- advertise, and have someone come to pick it up!
  • Finding a local group means that you’ll never have to travel far to pick up the items you want- it’s all in your local area
  • Easy-to-use and simple, if slightly ugly, website
  • Freegle’s Twitter account is great for finding out about the latest offers on the site

Site Cons

  • Occasional scammers- never give or accept money for anything- the site is meant to be totally free in every way
  • Some replies can be time-wasting/rude/inconvenient, especially on any popular items you give away
  • The best items will be snapped up quickly– so check regularly!
  • Searching for groups can be a little annoying- no search box, so just scroll through them all until you find the right one.

Other Tips

  • To get the best finds, you need to check the website’s listing page many times throughout the day, because most of the time all good freebies are gone before you realise!
  • Sign up to more than one area to have more chances to get what you want. The best way is to register on peripheral areas around where you live.


Freegle UK is a great site for those looking for free stuff in their local area. Simpler and easier than any of the larger sites like eBay, Freegle allows you to find a more local community with which to swap items for whatever you need, as well as to make new friends near you. If you’re looking for something general, specific, or just want to get rid of your stuff ethically and environmentally safely, it can’t hurt to give Freegle a try.

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