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Miscellaneous, Various – Gumtree is the most popular English network of online classifieds and community websites for jobs, property, cars, flat share and more. Gumtree Jobs section provides huge variety of job vacancies for various sectors. It is ideal if you are looking for a casual or part time job, caterer job or manual job.

  • Offers a variety of job vacancies, mostly for Babysitting & Nannies, Bar Staff & Management, Chefs, Cooks & Kitchen, Construction, Education, Sales, Retail & Customer Service, Volunteer & Charity Work, Waiting & Restaurant Management and more
  • Job search (basic and advanced by job sector, location, contract type)
  • Job alerts via email
  • Option to save ads and panel with ads that you have looked at recently
  • Free CV check through
  • Facebook, Twitter pages

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