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Cheap Perfumes

Halfpriceperfumes.co.uk was designed to deliver extremely cheap perfumes, skincare products, cosmetics and other bathroom items to customers, quickly and easily. While some products go for as cheap as £1, Halfpriceperfumes also sell designer perfumes, with labels such as Jimmy Choo and Gucci, for greatly discounted prices. However, the site has a very cluttered feel to it, and postage and packaging can be very expensive.

  • Easy to navigate website
  • Search options allow customers to filter products by price, designer, or type of product, with several different deals sections that are easily found
  • Offers a wide variety of deals from Buy one get one Free to 3 for 2 deals.Don’t forget to check out the Bargain Bundles and Daily Deals
  • Company delivery guarantee of 5-7 days within the U.K., as well as full refund for any incorrect or damaged products
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts

Site Pros

  • Extremely cheap products, with some items discounted at up to 80%
  • Huge range of different deals in different price ranges, starting from as little as £1 
  • Covers a range of products, from brand perfumes to hand creams and lipsticks

Site Cons

  • Website is a little cluttered and ugly
  • Post and packaging can be very expensive, costing over £5
  • Several complaints of items not arriving on time, or at all
  • Company can spam customers with as many as 3 emails a day
  • Widespread problems contacting the company via email or phone
  • A number of products can be ‘out of stock’ when ordered, leading to either an immediate refund or a long wait for a product that doesn’t come

Other Tips

  • Repeat customers may receive promotional rewards and coupons for shopping– such 15% off your first order with the code ‘NEW15’
  • Don’t forget to have a look at the £1 Clearance section
  • Considering the supposed unreliability of the website, the consensus seems to be to pay through Paypal rather than other means, as any loss of product or refund refusal can be taken up with them


If you’re looking for discounted brand name perfumes then Halfpriceperfumes.com is worth a look, as they have a wide selection of products available at huge bargain prices. However, just be careful when purchasing to ensure that you are covered against any mistakes that they make.

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