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Free Meditation Courses in London

Inner Space is a famous meditation and self-development centre in Covent Garden. They offer a wide variety of free activities, courses, talks and meditations that serve as an introduction to personal growth and spirituality in daily life, helping you to think positively and grow as a person. You can find these free activities taking place in Covent Garden and in the City, as well as in other locations around London.

  • Free courses ranging from ‘evening meditation’, ‘creative meditation’, ‘practical meditation’, ‘self esteem’, ‘relaxation ‘strategies, ‘positive thinking’ and ‘time management’
  • Free meditation courses in Covent Garden and the City
  • Special events focussing on different aspects of life- e.g.- ‘The gentle art of assertiveness’ and ‘Think big’
  • Tuesday Talks
  • Friday Lectures’ are organised once a month, finding guest speakers to talk about the self, personal growth and inner peace
  • Saturday  and Sunday Talks– Each Saturday and Sunday free talks are given exploring different aspects of personal development and spiritual growth, all around London
  • Blog Section
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts

Site Pros

  • Calming, pleasant website, with easy access to whatever you need to find
  • Lectures, meditations, and thoughts on almost any problem, available regularly around London
  • A great help for relaxing and de-stressing on difficult days
  • All courses, talks and lectures are completely free– no need to pay a thing for inner peace

Site Cons

  • Some reviewers suggest the Covent Garden shop is a little bare, with only a limited range of merchandise available
  • The quality of the lectures and lessons depends entirely on the teacher, which can vary widely

Other Tips

  • The Covent Garden centre has both a bookshop- filled with books and CDs on meditation to help you out- and a Quiet Room, where you can find peace away from the bustle of the city
  • There’s a ‘Thought for the Day’ section, which will give you something to think about as you go about your daily business
  • An ‘A-Z Challenge’ so you can build a better mindset for yourself, week by week


With a huge range of free meditation courses and talks, Inner Space provides a fantastic place to relax in London, giving talks that can help stressed and busy Londoners find peace and learn more about themselves. Even for those who aren’t big believers in meditation or who don’t think it’ll work on them, it’s definitely worth giving it at least a try- you never know how much these totally free meditation lessons might work on you, and make London a little less stressful a place to be.

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