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Inspiring Interns


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Graduate Internships and jobs in London

Inspiring Interns is a recruitment agency for students and graduates which supports the use of short video CV for their candidates, allowing employers to have a better view of them. The job site provides graduate internship opportunities which last maximum up to 3 months and cover lunch and travel expenses as minimum. The successful applicants are invited to Inspiring Interns’ office to meet and record a personal video CV.

  • Covers a wide range of job sectors such as Advertising, Arts, Fashion and Music, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Charities, Computing and IT, Digital, Events Management and Hospitality, Graphic and Web Design, HR and Recruitment, Legal, Sales, Retail and more
  • Job Search (Simple and advanced)
  • Latest internship vacancies
  • Create your application and upload your Video CV
  • Career and Video CV Advice
  • Blog (including careers advice and internship debate to Inspiring Interns news)
  • Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube pages

Site Pros

  • Easy to use website
  • There are several good reviews on the web regarding Inspiring Interns’ services
  • The Video CV provides a shortcut introduction for the job seekers and allows them to showcase their personalities and enthusiasm

Site Cons

Other Tips

  • You can apply for up to 5 vacancies
  • If your application is successful you will be invited into Inspiring Interns’ office to record your video CV


Inspiring Interns is one of the UK’s leading providers of graduate internships, jobs and work experience. It works as a recruitment agency that match students and graduates with companies in a wide variety of sectors. Inspiring Interns’ internship vacancies include excellent opportunities such as techie positions with start-ups in Silicon Roundabout, advertising roles at global firms,digital opportunities with growing agencies, entry-level roles with finance houses and a lot more.

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