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Jobs Ac UK Careers Advice


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Career Services

Jobs Ac UK is a great UK website providing useful career services for the academic sector.

  • General careers advice
  • List of Employers in Academic sector
  • Jobseeking tips (tips for selling yourself when applying for Jobs, ways to  understant a Job Advert, infos about career fairs and more)
  • CV templates (Academic CV templates, Professional CV template, Skills CV template and additional templates for Research project managers, Lecturers, Senior lecturers, Junior researchers)
  • Interview tips (general infos on how to survive an interview, telephone interview, infos about assessment exercises and psychometric tests, questions to ask at the interview, body language tips, job interviews by Skype and more)
  • Infos about Studentships (funding postgraduate study abroad, the value of an MBAPhD Careers and more)
  • Infos about working overseas (including facts, educational systems, cost of living, working practices and more for each country separately)
  • Salary checker

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