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King’s College London Free Dental Care


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Free Dental Care in London

The Dental Institute, a part of King’s College London, has a program that gives free dental care and treatment to customers deemed suitable to receive it. In partnership with Guy’s, St. Thomas’ and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts, King’s College allows medical and dental students to practice on certain patients, not only giving them access to brand new treatments and techniques, but also progressing dental science by allowing new ideas to be tried out on willing subjects.

  • Dental appointments at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospitals or King’s College Hospital
  • Find information about the treatment and if you are eligible to apply
  • Download the referral form and send it back to the address at the top of the form.


  • Gives free dental care to those too poor to afford it
  • Allows trainee dentists to get better by practicing on real patients
  • Progresses dentistry and science by testing new and experimental methods on real patients
  • All student work is checked regularly, so quality dental care is assured


  • The free dental treatment may take half a day or so, so being free during the whole day is a must
  • Alternative/rearranged dates may not be possible, as students must complete training swiftly
  • Only routine/simple dental care can be performed- more complex crowns/implants/retreatment of fillings will not be available.

More Tips

  • Students work considerably slower than fully-trained dentists, so a large amount of time is required, over several trips- if you’re not fussy about time restrictions, this is ideal for you


The thing that’ll hold most people back from this are the time restraints- those in a hurry, who can’t take several days out to receive care, or who need more complex operations than simple student dentistry can provide, will need to skip this and go straight to a trained dentist. But for those of you out there who can spare the time, need some dentistry done, and aren’t scared of someone in training having a go on your pearly whites (better you than me!), this is a great opportunity to save a lot of money, and help science out as well.

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