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Cheap Travel Deals is a site that’ll get you whatever you want- all at the last minute (duh). Whether you’re looking for hotels, flights (or the two together, for an even bigger discount), whole holiday packages, or simpler things like theatre tickets and experience days, can find them wherever you are, all for some of the best prices around. For those who are in a hurry, or are just looking for a site that gives them convenience and simplicity when booking a lot of different things, can save time, effort, and a lot of money too.

  • Wide range of searches, from hotels to flights to experiences, allowing you to find anything you want, all at the last minute
  • Easily navigable search options, and good design
  • Deal section to find promo codes and great offers
  • Lists of all top offers, so you can see what’s most popular, or cheapest
  • ‘Award-winning’ newsletter, delivering all deals, exclusive offers and last-minute flights to your email
  • ‘Top Secret Hotel’ feature- choose price, location, and star-rating of hotel, and find out which hotel you’ve booked afterwards!
  • Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts

Site Pros

  • Excellent site design, with all the options easily findable across the top of the page.
  • Huge customisation, able to find holidays by date, price, location, and many other options.
  • Low deposits on holidays, from only £50 per person.
  • Very last minute, as the name implies- discounted deals from around the world.
  • Price match guarantee on your booked hotel, within 24 hours of booking.
  • All fees inclusive– no nasty surprises.

Site Cons

  • As a third party website, isn’t privy to any real-time information- everything is subject to change at the last minute, so be warned!
  • Customer reviews do show that can sometimes forget to reserve hotel rooms.
  • Occasional long wait (months) for a refund.
  • Customer service isn’t always available.
  • As with any third party companies, has the usual complaints that goes with that title- their limited access to real-time information from the actual flight/hotel/restaurant companies can cause a lot of trouble if a booking suddenly gets cancelled or taken up just before you bought it, there’s some misinformation or confliction between the actual companies and, or any other problem that comes from not going to the source.

More Tips

  • You can try to find promo codes to get discounts. (so just type in google ‘ promo codes’ to see if you get lucky!)
  • Booking Flights and a hotel together can save up to 30%.
  • Offers on certain restaurants of up to 50% off food.
  • Check all round the website- every section has a great range of discounts on offer.


Cheaper than alternatives, is great to try if you’re low on money or time, and want to get everything for your holiday in one place.  However, a lot of caution and forward planning is needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and your holiday works out just the way it should.

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