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Online Marketplace is an auction site, with one difference: everything is free. Starting out on the site, you’re given 1000 credits to spend how you like, looking around the site for things posted by other users that you like- which can be absolutely anything, from jewellery to DVDs to clothing. You can get more credits by putting up your own items for people to bid on, or just by being an active member on the site! basically allows you to get rid of all that old clutter you don’t use anymore, and exchange it for stuff you will!

Site Pros

  • Nice, clean site layout, with easy-to-find categories and simple design
  • Start out with some credits- you don’t just have to work your way to be able to buy stuff
  • No money needed- free to sign up and start browsing, with no chance to lose real money!
  • Moderators are mostly friendly, communicative, and willing to lend a hand to new-comers

Site Cons

  • Higher-point items tend to do poorly in auctions, with few finding a winning bidder- best to sell many low-priced things to get a lot of wins
  • There are scammers on the site, so try to get to know the buyer before any items are exchanged- though the customer service team do seem reliable and eager to help with any disputes
  • Some users do report that their accounts were banned for strange or no reasons
  • Listia generally sides with the buyer over the seller in a dispute, so best to cover yourself- spend some money on tracking any parcels you send, and keep copies of emails between you and the buyer in case anything goes wrong

Other Tips

  • It helps to be social- signing up friends gives you an extra 500 credit per person
  • You can also win 100 more by signing up to their Facebook or Twitter account
  • Ability to donate credits to charity– feel good while throwing out clutter


As auction sites go definitely seems to be up there- with good customer service, a simple and easy-to-use format, and some great items to be won, it can be fun, addictive and rewarding. While it’s necessary to be cautious of scams and problems, it might be worth a try if you’ve got a lot to sell- you never know what you might pick up along the way.

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