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Cheap Train Tickets

Raileasy.co.uk is a nice comparison site which lets you find the cheapest train tickets around, for wherever you want to go, and order them easily and swiftly. Comparing a number of train companies, and with the option to book hotels and car rentals too, Raileasy tries to take the hassle out of those normally-stressful journeys. The best part is that Raileasy provides a split ticketing service that can save you a massive amount of pounds (check how it works below).

  • Comprehensive journey planner, letting you book trains anywhere in the UK, with good search options
  • Split ticketing service to save massive amount of money
  • Offers section
  • Cheapest fare finder option
  • Ability to book online trains and hotels together, to make planning a holiday much easier
  • Offers ability to book Eurostar which is a high-speed railway service connecting London with France and Belgium
  • Car hire service, in conjunction with rentalcars.com, to find cheap cars from reliable companies
  • Blog contains dozens of articles on how best to book trains, ticket types, the rules and regulations of travelling, and even some common things to do around the country
  • Fare rise calculator
  • Free iPhone app allows for checking train timetables, planning journeys and buying tickets
  • Facebook and Twitter pages

Site Pros

  • Raileasy has teamed up with TrainSplit.com to provide a split ticketing service that breaks your journey into smaller sections or splitting your train tickets and as a result you get massively cheaper train tickets (you don’t need to get off the train where you change from one ticket to another)
  • Raileasy’s Journey planner is easy to use, though the results can be a little confusing
  • Good customisation and advanced options for searches lets you find the cheapest train tickets at any time
  • Good customer service on review sites– all criticisms addressed professionally, with explanations and ways to resolve any issues
  • Large info section on everything you need to know about booking cheap train tickets

Site Cons

  • Raileasy.co.uk can have problems with booking– booking may be declined without notice, or payment may go through without notification
  • Seat reservations can sometimes be cancelled suddenly, or given to several people
  • Price updates are not in real-time, meaning that prices may be different to those shown
  • Premium customer service line costs over £1 a minute to call
  • If you don’t want to collect your tickets from the train station, they are sometimes mailed to you, meaning that delays or extra fees can happen

Other Tips

  • Off peak is cheaper (weekdays after 9.30am and before 5pm, and all weekend)
  • As with other third-party companies, Raileasy has no real-time pricing info– its deals are based on the last time prices were checked. This can mean site prices and seat reservations are not totally accurate or up-to-date, so always check the actual site before booking
  • Raileasy.co.uk does charge booking and credit card fees, which can be found in their FAQ section- although some customers had trouble finding them, they are there, along with other need-to-know stuff
  • With third-party sites, always make sure you know all the details- review the site thoroughly, and make sure you know every cost, and what to do if something goes wrong
  • Select ‘Overtaken’ Trains to find cheaper train tickets if you don’t mind travelling for longer.
  • Collecting your tickets at the airport is Free
  • Calls are charged
  • If you have booked your tickets with Raileasy.co.uk and then a cheaper fare becomes available for the exact same journey on Raileasy they will refund the original free of charge when you re-book


If you want to find the cheapest train tickets available then Raileasy is the website for you. If you’re on the hunt for low cost train tickets, Raileasy is the best website for you. It provides several services (train splitting and cheapest fare finder) which can save you a massive amount of money.

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