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Attraction and Restaurant deals

Smartsave provides vouchers for a wide range of things to do in London. Home to deals on restaurants and attractions, it has offers for a number of different days out in the capital city, and so you can usually find something suitable, whatever you’re looking for. Attractions include a number of sights, museums and tours, while the restaurants vary massively from Indian, to American and even Mexican. However, all discounts provided are a set rate of 20% off, and do no fluctuate.

  • Clean, easy to navigate website
  • Filter feature allows searches to be narrowed down into ‘Sights & Attractions’, ‘Museums’, ‘Tours’, ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Restaurants & Cafés’, making searching for your favourite deals that little bit easier
  • Provides useful pictures and information on all restaurants and attractions, so you know exactly what to expect, wherever you’re going
  • Offers vouchers at a range of different branches for certain restaurants, allowing you to choose where exactly you want to dine
  • Downloadable mobile app available for easy use while on the go
  • Sign up to receive exclusive offers via e-mail
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages allowing deals to found on a number of different platforms 

Site Pros

  • SmartsaveExtra’ feature provides bonus offers on top of deals
  • Vouchers are quick and easy to print, and only one page so they don’t waste any precious ink! 

Site Cons

  • Only has a small number of restaurants with discount vouchers available
  • 20% off is the standard rate on all offers, never going any higher
  • No live updates provided due to static rate
  • The mobile app is only available on the App Store (Sorry Android)

Other Tips

  • Make sure you check the restrictions of how many people the voucher is valid for, as you don’t want any nasty surprises when the bill comes!
  • Take a look at the map provided on the deals page if you’re unsure of how to get there


Smartsave is perfect for those who know what they want, and are looking for a quick and easy discount when it comes to paying. However, for those looking for a discount website with a range of deals added daily, this isn’t the place to go. It’s easy and reliable, but not fresh and spontaneous.

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