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Cheap Train Tickets is an online rail ticket retailer that helps you find and book cheap train tickets for traveling throughout the UK and save up to 80%. It offers some cool tools, like the cheap ticket email alert and the best fares finder in case you are pondering a trip somewhere, but you are not fussed about when to go.

  • Cheap Train tickets
  • Cheap ticket email alert to find out when advanced tickets come on sale (Save up to 43%)
  • Nearest station finder
  • Tips and tricks to help you save money
  • A booking fee of £1.50 applies to each transaction through the website and £1 booking fee applies to each transaction through the mobile app
  • Ability to book trains, hotels, theatres and hire cars
  • Next day delivery or international delivery costs £7.50
  • Europe- to plan and book your European trip
  • Free mobile app for Apple, Windows, Android, Blackberry and Nokia
  • Blog, for those that want to keep up-to-date
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts

Site Pros

  • One of the cheapest ways to get a train– genuinely saves you money every time!
  • Easy-to-use site, with simple steps to get booking- no hassle getting tickets
  • Reliable and efficient- I’ve never had problems, at least!
  • Has a number of tips to help you out while booking train tickets
  • ‘Best Fare Finder’– for those who just want the cheapest price possible, rather than a specific date or time, you can easily find the best price for the route you want to travel
  • Most customers have no problem with the app or website, stating that both are quick and convenient to use

Site Cons

  • Delaying can mean you miss that super-cheap ticket- once the train companies are sold out, they’re sold out- so book early to maximise savings

Other Tips

  • Remember to write down your confirmation code when you get it- it WILL be needed at the station!
  • Check their Deals page to find hot deals happening now
  • Consider getting yourself a railcard- this’ll save you even more money on longer trips
  • If you’re going on a popular route, they have ‘quick train times’ to check at the bottom of the page


Thetrainline is one of the best places to go to get train tickets- with the majority of customers completely happy with their services providing cheap, easy tickets to anywhere in the U.K., as well as their easy-to-use website with helpful tips and pages, this is definitely the first place to go to for anyone taking a train.

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